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Date: Mon Oct 30 10:12:35 2000
Name: Webmaster (Yutaka Yasuda)
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Dear Julian,
Please post only CBX 400/550 topics on this BBS.
For example, see;
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club is better for you.

Date: Mon Oct 30 10:06:54 2000
Name: julian echavarria
Email: julianem@juno.com
Type: Others
i'm looking for an used engine of suzuki DR 350S 91 year.
i need all the parts of that engine to fix the one what i have.

Date: Mon Oct 30 06:34:52 2000
Name: wilberth

Date: Wed Oct 25 02:31:06 2000
Name: Rasit
Email: rasit21@netscape.net
Type: Other CBX
Hi Guys,
Can anyone help me with information regarding a CBX 550S .. does one exist. & how different is it from the CBX550F.
Please reply asap.

Warm Regards

Date: Tue Oct 10 06:16:00 2000
Name: Hans van Orsouw
Email: orsouw45@zonnet.nl
Type: Others
Moto Type Honda CB 550F 1976
Can somebody send me an electric drawing to solve some problems.
Thanks a lot.

Date: Sun Oct  8 04:21:34 2000
Name: steve
Type: CBX 550F
want a wiring diagram to wire igniter

email to jsaarmitage@aol.com

Date: Sun Oct  8 01:46:23 2000
Name: ed
Email: e_shipowick@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
looking for a 'bikini' bra from an '81-'83 honda cbx f2

Date: Sun Oct  8 01:46:06 2000
Name: ed
Email: e_shipowick@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
looking for a 'bikini' bra from an '81-'83 honda cbx f2

Date: Sat Oct  7 04:21:59 2000
Name: Benoit Bertrand
Email: mars7@globetrotter.net
Type: CBX 550F
Hi does anyone have some used CBX 550 parts for sale in Canada ? I would consider buying a complete bike for parts
anywhere in the province of Quebec .

Je recherche des pieces de CBX 550 ou une moto complete pour pieces au Quebec .


Date: Sun Sep 24 20:36:18 2000
Name: Lyndon Lattimore
Email: Siberiantyga@hotmail.com
Does anybody know of any sites giving details of Honda CBX 250's??? Preferably 1986 model or so. I would appreciate anybody's help! Please email any addresses to the above email address, thanks!!!

Date: Sun Sep 24 00:27:55 2000
Name: Kevin Michaud
Email: number1_kid@yahoo.com
Type: Other CBX
I want some pics of a 1987 CBX 250 please
I'm purchasing one and want pics to show parents

Date: Thu Sep 14 17:32:08 2000
Name: Russell
Email: doctor@netvigator.com
Type: Other CBX
I have an '85 CBX 750 that, although high milage, has been very dependable. suddenly, as I was riding, my ampmeter went to discharge and, when I shut off the engine, the starter motor would not engage the engine. Upon inspection, I find that the starter dog gears and the alternator shaft both spin freely. Is there a central chain drive to these units, and can it break leaving both the starter and alternator disfunctional? What is the most painless way to fix it !??? Does anyone have a blow-up picture of the engine bottom? Thanks for any comments.

Date: Thu Sep 14 05:25:53 2000
Name: Ron DelGizzi
Does anyone know who still sells the old replacement oil drain plugs that were made as rubber nipples that were inserted into the drain hole. The rubber drain plug came with a tool which was used to stretch the plug as one nserted it into the drain pan, then used the tool to restretch the plug to remove it when changing the oil. Haven't been able to find any of these in a while, but they really worked great!!

Date: Tue Sep 12 19:58:19 2000
Name: Adrian Brett
Email: adrianbrett@adriansmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
As most people will be aware there is a fuel crisis going on in the UK with stocks of unleaded petrol almost completely gone. So, will my CBX 550 run on Lead Replacement Petrol if so for how long and what are the consequences of prolonged use. Thank you.

Date: Sat Sep  9 12:19:52 2000
Name: Parikshit
Email: rparikshit@hotmail.com;omnitech@jetairways.com
Type: CBX 400F
I need the information as where do i get the carburator cleaning kit as well as any other spare of this bike in Bombay, mine is a 84 model.
So i will be very thankfull if i get the info on my id at the earliest.

Date: Thu Sep  7 10:50:05 2000
Type: Other CBX

Date: Thu Sep  7 07:29:56 2000
Name: Orlando Santos Diaz. 
Email: orlandos@entelchile.net
Type: Other CBX
Please .
I need information for service , I have HONDA CBX 750F of 1986 . We are problem at start system . The problem is start motor run free and engine not engage . The generator also no work .

I live in CHILE South America and not have dealer with support .

Date: Tue Sep  5 14:57:12 2000
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.org
URL: http://bakkers.org/~yasuda/CBX/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Well, Haynes sell English manual.
See http://www.haynes.com/aumtrcy.html

You can these info on my website.
See "Information" Section. http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/

Have a nice run. Yasu.

Date: Tue Sep  5 13:50:56 2000
Name: Brent Gorringe
Email: bgorringe@accesstv.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
Does anyone know how much a cbx550 super sport 83 model would be worth to buy in good nick?

Date: Mon Sep  4 11:56:00 2000
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Now, mailling list server is on the wire.
Please don't miss it.
Top page of this website includes how to subscribe it.

Date: Sun Sep  3 16:59:12 2000
Name: david 
Type: CBX 550F
hi,i'i 'm french so excuse me for my poor english!I'm looking for a service manual for my 550. If you've something for me (english or french) it will be kind to send me.
bye and thank you.

Date: Wed Aug 30 22:41:22 2000
Name: yasuda@bakkesr.org
Email: Yutaka Yasuda
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi Dave,

Thank you for your posting to my CBX website.
Here is the value of suspension unit for CBX 400F.

Front pressure: 0.6 - 1.0 kg/cm^2
Rear pressure: 1.0 - 4.0 kg/cm^2

The value comes from HONDA CBX service manual. The
manual includes also 550F info but there is no
suspension pressure article for 550F. It means
pressure value is the same, 400F and 550F.

Have a nice run!

One question, I can make new mailing list for
CBX owners in English. Is it useful? Or meaningless?
Please give me your opinion.

Date: Wed Aug 30 20:47:58 2000
Name: dave head
Email: dave.head@aventis.com
Type: CBX 550F
Does anyone know what pressure you can safely pump the rear suspension up to ?

Date: Wed Aug 30 00:52:25 2000
Name: Sandro
Email: ierovante@rai.it
Type: CBX 400F
I live in Italy and I am using for my old (1982) motorcicle gasoline with lead. In the next year in Italy it will be possible
to use only unlead gasoline (and probably with a low number of octanes); my questions are the following:
what are the changes that must be done in order to use without danger for the engine the unlead gasoline?
How do you do in the countries where there is only unlead gasoline?
Thank you in advance.

Date: Tue Aug 22 20:55:37 2000
Name: Peter
Email: pesho@odessos.org
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
I have a problem adjusting a camshaft to cam - chain.I see four points on the camshaft gear but do not know how to position them according to head gasket surface.It will be usefull if someone sent me a picture of this (while piston 1&4 are in UDP).

Date: Mon Aug 21 20:45:02 2000
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Questions about manuals again, so here's the standard advice: try http://www.haynes.com for a basic manual, or your local honda dealer for the factory one.

Jeff: how much did it cost you to restore your bike? Mine seems to be heading towards the big scrapheap in the sky, so I'd be interested to know what your costs were.



Date: Mon Aug 21 02:44:22 2000
Name: Simon Trenchard
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi. Is there any one out there who wants / can share info on their cbx550?

How many were built in the UK, Japan, America etc.

Anyone got a spare suspension pump or an alternate way of pumping suspension up?

Anyone got a spare suspension link for cash?

E-Mail me.

Date: Sun Aug 13 01:30:08 2000
Name: Visionary
Type: Others
1984 vf400f perl white

Date: Fri Aug 11 18:04:19 2000
Name: Paul Lundberg
Email: paul.lundberg@trintech.com
Type: Other CBX
Does anyone know where I can buy a manual for an '84 CBX750?

Date: Wed Aug  9 17:29:16 2000
Name: Greg Stupple
Email: Canon26@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
I have a 83 CBX 550F, anyone have, or know where i can get a workshop manual for it? Email if u know!!!

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