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Date: Tue Aug  8 05:41:54 2000
Name: Debaillie Yvan
Email: debaillieyvan@hotbot.com
Type: Other CBX

I'm looking for a starter for a CBX 500 build in 1986

Date: Thu Aug  3 06:47:23 2000
Name: m heusinkveld
Email: mheusinkveld@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
just bought a '82 cbx550f this week, my second motorbike (first one was a xr250r) and already having lots of fun with it. The bike even came with a owners workshop manual so maintenance should be a piece of cake(i hope)
greeting Michel

Date: Wed Aug  2 13:09:21 2000
Name: Jeff
Email: electric027@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hey everybody:

Just a note to say that after 4 long hard months, I finally got my '83 CBX 550f on the road. Seems hard to beleive that 4 months ago, It was a frame, a blown motor and 3 large boxes of parts and pieces. Now it is a smooth running work of art. Thamks to all who helped me restore my beauty. Even my wife is jealous now

Take care and ride safe friends


Date: Tue Aug  1 03:48:46 2000
Name: Olivier CHATEL
Email: ochatel@free.fr
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Salut Yasu,

J'ai bien essayde t'馗rire en anglais, mais j'ai pr馭駻renoncer car cela aurait 騁une catastrophe et en plus tu nous en courage t'馗rire en n'importe quelle langue. Cela va te faire plaisir qu'un petit fran軋is t'馗rive dans sa langue natale.

J'ai moi aussi une 400 CBX FII, que j'ai achet馥 une somme modique il y a quatre ans, malgrun kilom騁rage inconnu et certainement 駘ev elle fonctionne encore tr鑚 bien et m'apporte beaucoup de satisfaction, car j'ai d駛parcouru pr鑚 de 20 000 Km sans presque aucune panne.

Je profite de ton site fabuleux pour lancer quelques appels.

- Cette moto semble assez rare en Frace, quelqu'un sait-il combien d'exemplaires ont 騁commercialis駸 en France ou en Europe ?
- De plus, je recherche d駸esp駻駑ent de la documentation sur cette moto, manuel d'entretien, manuel technique d'atelier etc... (fran軋is ou anglais).

V tous les utilisateurs de 400/550 Cbx.


Date: Mon Jul 31 23:44:03 2000
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Since we've had a couple of questions about exhausts recently I thought I'd mention Motad, who produce road-legal systems for a wide variety of bikes. Their website is at http://www.motad.co.uk and the part number you want is MBX5. Prices vary with supply and demand, of course, but they're not expensive for the CBX.

I've had my CBX a couple of years now, which means two salt-ridden British winters, but the exhaust is only just starting to show signs of corrosion. Excellent, especially since the exhaust was on the bike when I got it.

Hope that helps people,


Date: Sat Jul 29 00:21:08 2000
Name: Livio Casali

Date: Thu Jul 20 06:29:22 2000
Name: Luca
Type: CBX 400F
Pekka wrote: "I Have cbx550F. I think that it is the only bike in Finland. Exhauses are very rust and i have to get new somewhere. Which exhauses are best. My bike is model 1984 and its color is blue, white ,red. The top speed 140km/h. I am sorry that my English is terrible

Look at www.marving.com
It's an italian producer who made fantastic exhausts.

Date: Thu Jul  6 04:13:39 2000
Name: Pekka Aaltonen
Email: aaltone@yahoo.com
Type: CBX 550F

I Have cbx550F. I think that it is the only bike in Finland. Exhauses are very rust and i have to get new somewhere. Which exhauses are best. My bike is model 1984 and its color is blue, white ,red. The top speed 140km/h. I am sorry that my English is terrible

Date: Wed Jul  5 09:37:28 2000
Name: Haroon
Email: haroon@pop2.smartnet.com.sg
URL: http://www3.cybercities.com/c/cholaz
Type: CBX 400F
HELP NEEDED. My CBX400F in singapore. it was 17years bike run up to 100km
today it was break down.I need (cdi unite)this is a electronic ignition device,any body know how to repair this
divice or any substitutable device from other models?
can work with this engine.please help me to find spare parts. thanks.

Date: Sat Jul  1 11:00:29 2000
Name: Chris 
Email: slider100@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F

I am trying to locate an original seat, tank, or fairing for my CBX 550F. These parts must be in good condition please. Even if you know someone else who has any of these parts, please let me know. The bike has enormous sentimental value and I have been looking hard for these parts!

Date: Thu Jun 29 19:39:12 2000
Name: Adrian Brett
Email: windward_skyman@jahoopa.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Can anyone source and supply a new/recon engine within the UK for my old CBX? If so, please let me know the price.



Date: Fri Jun 16 04:06:28 2000
Name: David Holt
Email: Whiterook2@Prodigy.net
Type: CBX 550F
I just purchased two CBX550F's. One has 4,500 km and the other has 14,800 km's. Both are in mint condition except the exhaust pipes. One has a small rust hole and will not pass inspection and the other's exhaust is very rusted.

I went to Honda and they said my bike does not exist. They have no record of Honda making this bike. I drove it there and all the mechanics came out to look at it. But they can't find the exhaust. They find the CB550 made in 77, 78.

I can't find any after market company's that has heard of this bike. Looking on the internet this bike was very popular the world over, but it was never sold in the U.S..

Question.... Any idea how I find the exhaust system and how do I get it imported into the U.S.?

I would appreciate any information you can give me.

David Holt
Connecticut (north east u.s.)

Date: Thu Jun 15 07:15:26 2000
shit i did it again!!!!! hello from merry sweden

Date: Sun Jun 11 23:51:35 2000
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Has anyone in the UK got a blue,red and white petrol tank in good condition for sale.If so please e-mail with price please.


Date: Fri Jun  9 11:14:09 2000
Name: Yutkaa Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/‾yasuda/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi Nigel,

I think your trouble is not common case.
And I got another CBX owner message from NZ.
See; http://bakkers.gr.jp/‾yasuda/CBX/
and check 31th owner.

Have a nice riding.

Date: Thu Jun  8 20:15:57 2000
Name: Nigel Marx
Email: n.marx@ihug.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I have just been given a '86 CBX550F2 Integra, Blue/white. It has worn No.3 big end bearing, but my friend gave me a good crankshaft, also with a very slighty worn No.3 big end bearing. Is the a common failing with these bikes? Not much work to do and I will have it on the road for spring/summer.


Nigel in NZ

P.S. Any other NZ owners lurking here?

Date: Mon Jun  5 00:20:43 2000
Name: gareth spragg
Email: gareth@spragg49.freeserve.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F
I have just broken a little black box on my 1983 cbx550f does anybody have a spare one that I could buy?
the box is a IC IGNITOR TYPE TID14-09 MA6 made by hitachi.
if any one can help please E‾mail me or phone on
029 20211493

Date: Wed May 31 17:27:27 2000
Name: P.F.C
Type: CBX 400F

Can somebody tell me where I can the the manual to my motorcycle..! I am having it under heavy rapair and I need some details to complete the projekt.


Date: Mon May 29 22:56:39 2000
Name: Krister Warmenius
Email: krister.warmenius@edt.ericsson.se
Type: CBX 400F

I've just bought a 1982 CBX400F - 35000 km. The bike has not been running the last 9 years - so I wonder what kind of inspections/services the bike needs. Of course, I changed the engine oil (SAE 15-40W - low priced car engine synthetic) and the oil filter. I also replaced the front wheel tire to a fresh one. The one at the rear is old but unworned - should I replace that one as well? The front wheel brake cylinder rubber rings (excuse my english) is also replaced. The rear brake cylinder rubber rings are also to be replaced.

What else are to be replaced? I've made my first ride and everything runs OK. I was very surprised when I got "a kick in the back" when the engine got up between 8000-11000 rpm. In a few seconds the speed was doubled. It sounds like the engine will fall apart any second. I was also trying, on my first ride, to reach the top speed, but I gave up at 145 km/h since the wind seems to be troublesome and the road was partly wet.

The forks are leaking oil, not that much but anyway it doesn't seem to be right, so I bought new replacement parts ("pack boxes"?). It seems to be quite tricky to dismount and replace the stuff, so if you done this before I would be happy to receive some advice!

What else to inspect? How do I know when its time to do something about the cam chain? Can you hear that? When the bike is in between normal drive and changing to either retardation or accelerating there is a clicking sound from the engine, it seems to be something loose/gradual failure!?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

Date: Fri May 26 20:30:29 2000
Name: DH
Type: Others
Looking for a manual for a Honda CB 100E m/cycle.
I live in Australia.

Date: Fri May 26 04:28:45 2000
Name: Shawn
Email: frogg2751@home.com
Type: CBX 550F
just to add to the last one, the main fuse gets very hot!! while the bike is running...hot enough to burn your finger when you touch it

Date: Thu May 25 08:39:44 2000
Name: Shawn Froggett
Email: frogg2751@home.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi, I have a 1977 Honda CB550F, The bike runs great for being a 77, I have one problem, it keeps blowing the main fuse, and the battery keeps draining. It is a bran new battery bought last week. If anyone has any ideas or has experianced this problem as well, the help would be very appreciated.

Date: Tue May 23 04:21:50 2000
Name: Beanny
Email: male@beer.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hello, when I'm braking hard there is a clicking sound in the brakes. Is this because normal because of the anti-dive system or it this a problem I should deal with.

thanks for any help you can provide.

Date: Mon May 22 08:27:39 2000
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Denco Wrote
looking for the small "coalpieces". Two of them are loose and they have to be replaced, otherwise I allways have to run to start the bike. Does anyone have some information about this please mail me.

I think you mean "carbon brushes".
If you can't get any then you can make them by cutting/filing down some similar size brushes.

Date: Sat May 20 07:27:12 2000
Name: Denko
Email: nighthawk8@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi there!
I危 looking for some spear parts to a cbx 550F2 startengine. I危 not sure how it寄 called in english, but I危 looking for the small "coalpieces". Two of them are loose and they have to be replaced, otherwise I allways have to run to start the bike. Does anyone have some information about this please mail me.

Date: Fri May 19 04:47:53 2000
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
J.B. wrote: "Somebody can email me the handbook of the Honda CBX 400F?"

What, the whole thing?

Presumably you mean the ISBN and publishing details, in which case see the post two slots below yours.


Date: Sun May 14 20:30:55 2000
Name: J.B.
Email: gloomyboy@tiscalinet.it
Type: CBX 400F
Somebody can email me the handbook of the Honda CBX 400F?

Date: Fri May 12 02:55:47 2000
Type: CBX 550F

Date: Wed May 10 02:58:47 2000
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@bcuc.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Jim: either get one direct from Honda (via a dealership or over the net), or get hold of a Haynes manual. Find them on http://www.haynes.com

A different JIM (note CAPS) shouted:


Try Dave Silver Spares. I don't know about the tank, but they should be able to help you with the brake parts. Get hold of them at http://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk.

Now for MY question. My starter has stopped working. The relay works, and power is getting through to the motor, but the starter clutch assembly doesn't turn (I've had a look under the cover to make sure). The starter motor had been turning over weakly for some time. Is more it likely that the starter motor has died or that the starter clutch has siezed?



Date: Tue May  9 11:55:04 2000
Name: jim
Email: jimlin@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.hotmail.com
Type: Other CBX
my cbx 750f needs overhaul the motor has done 100,000km
workshop manual needed. pls help.

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