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Date: Wed Nov 15 23:15:11 2006
Name: gregory hugo
Email: gregoryh@statssa.gov.za
Type: CBX 550F
i have just bought this bike and would like to get more information to read about this bike.

Date: Fri Nov 10 19:08:04 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda.
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
I have removed them.

Date: Fri Nov 10 17:26:50 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Can we get rid of this spam that has appeared here?

Date: Mon Nov  6 10:08:44 2006
Name: colin australia
Email: happyhawkins@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
hi.just stumbled onto your message board and found some of the questions interesting,mainly the ones about timing chain troubles with the cbx550.I was recently given one by my nephew,it runs but very rattely and it sounds like the timing chain. Is there a problem with the adjuster? I would appreciate any feedback.thanks

Date: Sat Oct 21 16:41:30 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Does any one know where I can pick up an exhaust system for a CBX550F? An original one. Maybe even drawing of the mufflers so I can make out of stainless steel. Thoughts?

Date: Fri Oct 20 02:45:22 2006
Name: Stan
Email: CBXstan@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F
Washer is needed to keep retainer spring from pushing out the rubber center gasket on the filter. Thin metal with the same diameter of the rubber gasket on the filter.

Date: Mon Oct 16 02:31:11 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Brian, go to www.econohonda.co.nz and you might find they have a shop manual. Thats where I got mine. It as used but what the heck? Theyalso have loads of spares.

Jim, I too found this on my bike. All I did was get another washer. Went down to the local motor spares shop and got a heavy shim washers, about 0.030" thick. Take the bolt with you to get the size that right. Email me a picture of yours.

Date: Thu Oct 12 18:11:15 2006
Name: Jim Doyle
Email: jagr@ns.sympatico.ca
Type: CBX 550F
1983 with 3,100 K.
Hello, I just found this bike in great shape !!
i just finished the oil and filter change. I just read somewhere not to lose the large washer when replacing filter.
There was no washer inside the filter canister when I removed. What's up ??

Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Date: Mon Oct  9 23:30:14 2006
Name: Brian
Email: brifiss@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
anyone know of how to get a shop manual for 1983 cbx550f & how to get parts when needed & helpful hints for working on the bike such as tuneups, brakes sticking , replacing pads & carb & other adjustments greatly appreciated

Date: Mon Oct  9 14:58:24 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/bbs/bbse-i.html
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi Steve,
No, it is not possible any photo to here, please post them to another place first then please post here how to access them.

Date: Sun Oct  8 13:21:16 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
OK, been for the big ride today and the bike went really well! 209.5km with 10.21 litres of fuel. About 57mpg. Travelled at about 100 - 110Km/h.

Thanks again for those that helped.

Can we post photos here?

Date: Fri Sep 29 02:40:50 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Yes, I too have done this on previous bikes and had done the same on the 550. You can 'feel' the engine as you are working it so you can ease off. Exactly as is described.

Thanks a treat for the link Stan.

Date: Thu Sep 28 06:42:39 2006
Name: Stan
Email: cbxstan@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F

Hey Steve, check out this web site about break in procedures. (hope link works)
To let everyone know, the author has a compelling theory on break-in procedure.
In a nut shell. Break-in should be done at max power such as on a track or on a dyno. Maximum pressure on the rings is what is needed to seat the ring to bore seal. I have done it and am pleased.


Date: Tue Sep 26 17:54:09 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Part two:

Now, with the head away being seen too, I took the time to replace the piston rings and give the bores a deglaze. Removed any carbon built up on the piston crowns. Reassembled the cylinder block , complete with new rings on the pistons and awaited the return of the head. As I know the engine reconditioner, he allowed me to do all the work he did not want to do, that is strip the valves out, put the head into the cleaning bath, remove carbon build up etc basically, I did all the labour intensive work and he did the machining. I also put the head back together. Once I got the head, it was back onto the bike quick smart!

I had some trouble getting the cams back in, but an email to another CBX owner (Stan)and extending the cam chain tensioner right out, got the cams back in. Once all timed up, all the oil lines fitted, valve clearances checked/adjusted, it was time to hand turn the engine over. Presto! No problems! It was now time to let the starter have its turn and low and behold, all was fine. With the gas tank back on and connected to the carbs, ignition on, the engine roared back into life!

My smile however was short lived. The engine was still not running right with the one cylinder still not firing properly. Just what is the problem?

The next day, shed some light on matters. I had off the same auction site, purchased a complete carb set for the CBX 550 and decided to look into these carbs and see what just could be the problem area. As the jets are a size, #35 and #95, do these sizes match up to a known measurement? It turns out they do. A #35 jet is infact 0.35mm and a #95 is infact 0.95mm. All these jets in this set of carbs were right, now on my other set, on the bike, it was time to pull out the pilot jet on #3 cylinder and check its size. I was knocked back on my butt! This jet had been drilled out to 0.85mm! The engine was in deed flooding! So I simply changed the jet to what it should be and presto! The engine runs sweet as! That痴 all it was! In the mean time, I now have an engine that is back to near as damn it 60hp and now being run back in.

Tonight I took the bike for a run. It blew some smoke now and then, but got less and less, ran really well. The 4 into 1 pipe is now starting to dry out. I still have 900Km to travel to run in at varying speeds.

Net result? A bike that runs well and a happy owner!

Thanks all for reading my of my progress and I do not mind helping you out. Thanks also to those who have helped me by way of emails.

Date: Sun Sep 10 08:10:19 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
I have heard and read somwhere that the CBX cam chain adjuster on earlier models was prone to needing replacing frequently. Can anyone confirm this?

How's the bike going? I have the head being worked on now and is due back next week. New piston rings are also due next week. With that, all should be well. Will post further on this.

I have also been advised to remove the sump cover and fit a baffle to stop oil splashing forward under hard breaking and not getting picked up by the oild pump. Will be doing that.


Date: Sun Sep  3 18:38:05 2006
Name: David
Email: david.even@laposte.net
Type: Other CBX
Hi guys,

I sell a mudguard and a luggage rack. They are both new, never been used. The mudguard is white and the rack is black. Designed for CBX400. Pictures available on request.

I drive a CBX750 and I need a new windscreen for it. So, if by chance somebody wants to exchange a windscreen with a mudguard, that would be a perfect plan !

Does anybody know if I can find a windscreen for this bike and for cheap in Japan ? I might go there (Tokyo) in one month.

Thanks !

Metz, France.
Driving a 22 years old CBX 750 F

Date: Sat Sep  2 14:46:37 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F

With the purchase of a 1983 CBX550F from an auction site, one would wonder why one would make such a purchase; the need to get back onto a motorcycle comes immediately to mind! The original owner stated that the bike ran rich and when started, it did indeed sound to be running rich. A problem that could be fixed with relative ease, not so!

When the bike was bought home and viewed in good light, it could be seen that the bike was in good general order, but mechanically it was in need of repair:

1. Rear brakes binding,
2. Forks leaking oil,
3. Front brakes not working properly,
4. Broken headlight,
5. Broken indicator lens,
6. Tires beyond their use by date,
7. No registration,
8. Engine oil change,
9. Brake fluid changed.
10. Brake calipers fitted with new seals,
11. Wrong spark plugs.

This to name the major items that need attention to get the bike on the road legally.

I started working through the list, from the ground up, tires, brakes, spark plugs and so forth. It turned out the spark plugs were wrong, D8EA instead of DR8ES. I have since changed them to DR9EIX, Iridium spark plugs. Brand new NGK spark plug caps were also fitted.

Tires I selected are Bridgestone BT45 and the right size for the rims and correct size for the bike. They are also matched.

Once all this work above was completed, it was time to head off down to get the bike re-registered. It was still running rich, but I thought, 展hat the hell, it痴 running!Taking it down for testing was great. All the mechanics at the testing station came over to have a look at the bike and all commented on how good it looked! They were all pleased to see that someone bought a bike down that needed nothing done to it! I did have to baffle down the 4 into 1 exhaust, as it was a little noisy. New regulations in New Zealand demanded that it meet these new regulations, what the dB reading is I still do not know. Anyway, once I the bike got re-registered, I would be pulling the baffle out anyway! Consequently, the bike was re-registered and I could get to take it for a blast. Legally! The first blast was out to the country, some open roadwork, through hills and back into town. The bike was still not running well and this could be seen in the exhaust pipe, which was wet and black. Once back home, with the engine still running, it sounded sick. With the 蘇and teston the exhaust pipes, low and behold, cylinder 3 had a 祖old to touchexhaust pipe. Why?

I started with the fuel. Hey, the bike is running, good fuel in the tank, nothing wrong there. Carburetors. I removed these, completely stripped these apart, made sure they were clean. All jets correct. One thing that was way out was the pilot airscrews, these were out some 3 and 4 turns, why? I reset these to the Honda OE specifications, refitted to the bike and started the engine. Still not running properly on cylinder 3.
Spark was there and again a check was made and confirmed. Valve clearances were checked and confirmed as correct. Still not running properly on cylinder 3. It was noted that the bike could be heard to 遡ick inon cylinder 3 from time to time as could be noted by doing the 蘇and teston the exhaust, but still not running as it should. With the spark, I checked the coils that they were within spec and confirmed as so. I also swapped coil positions and noted that the bike still did not run, as it should. I also checked the resistance of the coils and spark plug leads, all good and as quoted in the Honda OE manual. Fortunately, a motorcycle wrecker in Wellington was wrecking a CBX550F and had available coils and an ignition unit. I made the purchase and swapped these for the originals and still not as it should.

What could be the problem? I then decided to check the compression of each cylinder and found to my amazement the following - cylinders 1, 2 & 4 all at 150 psi, Cylinder 3: 100 psi. With that information, I decided to remove the head and look for a further, more deep-seated problem.

With the head off and valves out, one of the exhaust valves in cylinder 3 showed signs of carbon on the seat. Could this be why we are down to 100 psi? The piston of cylinder 3 was also removed, so I took it into a customer who has an x-ray machine and asked if we could check this piston for cracks. 塑escame the reply along with 践ave you got the other 3?They are getting done next week! Anyway, the head, well it痴 getting the valve seats re-cut Monday morning, the valves cleaned of carbon build up and all re-fitted. While this is being done, I have measured the bores and pistons making sure they are within spec. The bores are getting a swipe through with the hone and new rings fitted to the pistons. I was also surprised at the amount of carbon within the engine.

This is part one of my saga. Lets see what happens when the head is back on!

Aside from all this, I have picked up a cylinder block and head, complete with cams, valves, springs etc. What am I going to do here? Well, a CBX550F will bore out to just on 600cc, so here I am going to see how far out I can get it and while at it, give the cams a grind and polish the exhaust ports. That equation equals MORE HORSEPOWER!

Date: Thu Aug 31 10:49:26 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/‾yasuda/CBX/bbs/bbse-i.html
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
cause I was traveling away.
Sorry, for your inconvenience but nowadays, this board has over 20 SPAM posts in a week. Then I cannot set this board as "automatic pass through posting".

And just for users info, I am goint to visit to Germany and Czech from this Sunday, 3rd Sep. till 14th.
Sometime I will check this board and reflect new "NORMAL (not SPAM)" post but I am not sure I can be on-line everyday.

# I will meet 2 CBX owners in Germany on this travel. :-)
# Please feel free to send email to me if you are interesting the meeting of
# Japanese CBX owner. (I will be Francfurt, Berlin, Prague and Cesky Krumlov)

Yutaka Yasuda.

Date: Thu Aug 31 02:49:56 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Why are my posts not being posted?

Date: Mon Aug 28 12:24:03 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Some bad news. I have found that my CBX has got valve problems. One cylinder only. So the head is coming off, all valves to be relapped and while at it, new rings if the bore and pistons are OK. I am now satisfied, having checked all ignition parts that they are 100%. Taking the head off was the last resort. I got hold of a Honda OE workshop book, 3 cylinders are within spec one has a compression pressure of 100psi.

Date: Fri Aug 25 07:01:21 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
This site has the potential to be very helpful and very powerfull, but I am amazed by the lack of input from visitors to this site. Would this be a more useful site if this were run as a forum?

By the way, I still have not got my CBX550F running right. I have ordered new coils, a second hand CDI unit to eliminate any issues. Have fitted iridium spark plugs and new GK sparkplug caps, suspecting leakage with the old caps. Next step is to remove the head and relap the valves if compression is down. I have finallay got hold of a Honda OE workshop manual and this has made the Haynes book redundant. Why are these books published when they are not what they claim to be?

Date: Sat Aug 19 12:08:37 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
URL: http://www.avalondesignservices.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F
OK, I have taken the carbs off, cleaned them, found the pilot screws waaaaay out, got them right, but still no luck in getting cylinder 3 to fire correctly. If it is the coil, cylinder 2 would be a problem too. I am going to check the jets that they are all the same size, float height cannot be altered. I'll pull the carbs to bits again obviously, but some thoughts from other might be nice.

Compression pressure. What should it be in PSI or bar. The Haynes book is useless, no mention at all to this.

Does no one read this message board? Or not very often?

Date: Thu Aug 17 17:55:03 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
URL: http://www.avalondesignservices.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F
OK. Took the bike for a good ride today and found that it went fine, but not great. Was running as if on 3 cylinders. Which it was to my disbelief. When I got home, cylinder 3 pipe was only warm to touch. Now, I checked for spark and there is, but it must be just coming and going and this accounts for the bike running rich, which the pipe is wet with fuel, not good. Now I have put new plugs in and still the pipe for cylider 3 is cold. I am not suspecting the HT lead is dodgy and if so, will replace all 4 leads. I shall check the ohms on the lead and comfirm. Any further thoughts?

My thoughts on the Haynes book? I wont use those words on this forum. Politely......a complete waste of money.

Date: Wed Aug 16 16:48:02 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
URL: http://www.avalondesignservices.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F
OK, I have got my 550 going and on the road now and I am impressed! I have a question. The bike seems to run rich, but when opened up it sounds like it is running right, What could be the issue? I guess I need to look at the slow running jets? I am open to your suggestions. Thanks! You can email me directly.

Date: Tue Aug 15 22:39:56 2006
Name: LarryC
Email: cayex250@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hey there,
Looking for replacement side panels in good condition(left and right) for a 1983 HONDA CBX 550 - I am located in British Columbia Canada, any info or help would be appreciated.


Date: Sun Aug  6 18:09:57 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
I also ment to post, I have a set of wheels, front and rear for sale. I can send photos of those who may be looking for some.


Date: Sun Aug  6 18:01:19 2006
Name: Steve
Email: cb34gs@paradise.net.nz
Type: CBX 550F
Recently I purchased a CBX550F that has been in storage for 14 years and has 22000Km on the clock. I have slowly gone over it and it is now ready to get on down the road. Its a red one, first year of rego 1983.

I am looking for acouple of things to finish it off, 1: a trip meter knob and the screw. 2: Where can I get the drawings of the exhaust so I can get some new ones made or buy new ones? 3: A CBX 550F tool kit?


Date: Sun Aug  6 03:40:39 2006
Name: scott bush
Email: denisetrask@eastlink.ca
Type: CBX 400 Custom
I have a CBX 400 Custom 1983, wine in color motorcycle
I am having trouble findind any information on it. Could you please help.


Date: Thu Aug  3 06:12:09 2006
Name: Richard
Email: motad@miniturbo.net
URL: http://www.miniturbo.net
Type: CBX 550F
Hello! Ni hao!

I have just started to list NEW CBX550 parts on http://www.ebay.co.uk
Bidding is open to all countries ( but you must check shipping price FIRST! as many places are expensive to ship items to )

Later, I will begin to list USED parts.
I will sell the NEW parts first.

my ebay.co.uk user ID is tookayme

I hope these parts will be of use to someone rebuilding a bike. I still love the CBX550F, but I no longer own one.
One day I might find another :o)

Date: Fri Jul 28 10:45:48 2006
Name: Mike
Email: ocannabeer@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Check if the vent tube is attached to the fuel petcock and the
carb assembly, It came off on me once and it wouldn't run.
simple but it may help.

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