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Date: Sun Jul 16 18:08:14 2006
Name: John Malcolm Smerdon
Email: malthebof@btinternet.com
Type: CBX 400 Custom
I think I have the only CBX400 CD in the UK. I am having trouble in sourcing spare parts as it was only sold in Japan. Can anyone in Japan or who has contacts in Japan let me know where I may be able to get parts for this model. Currently I am looking for some new carburettor manifolds.
Mal Smerdon

Date: Sat Jul 15 04:17:50 2006
Name: Axel Bls
Email: a110bloess@gmx.net
Type: CBX 550F
I sold my cbx550 . please delete me owner

Date: Thu Jul  6 01:20:02 2006
Name: lisa
Email: lisa.babe10@virgin.net
Type: CBX 550F
Can someone please help on my question on 19th of june would love to get my bike back on the road pleaseeeee

Date: Wed Jul  5 13:00:57 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi all,
Thanks for using my website and bbs.

So, I am planning to visit to Germany and Chez in early September. So is it possible to talk about CBX there? :-)
I think it is a chance of myself to meet other CBX owner lives in EU.

Please post here or send an email to me if you are interested in this plan.

Yasu. (Yutaka Yasuda, in Japan)

Date: Mon Jun 26 02:38:09 2006
Name: Richard
Email: motad@miniturbo.net
URL: http://www.miniturbo.net
Type: CBX 550F
On the subject of rear coil over shocks..
I fitted a CB900 Hornet to my bike ( when I had it ) as they are near identical in weight, and you gain the preload ability of a coilover monoshock. Lengthwise, it was fine ( just about 10mm longer, which ok as I'd wanted to raise th erear anyways to sharpen up the steering )

All that was required, was a few side spacers ( for the mounting bolts ) made up, to take out the slight side to side difference in mounting point widths. You still use the standard CBX bolt and nut though.

It as the standard factory SHOWA unit as fitted to all Honda CB900 Hornets

Date: Mon Jun 19 22:19:28 2006
Name: lisa
Type: CBX 550F
Hi all
in need of help my cbx550 wont start, if i clean the carbs it runs fine but when i try to start it the next day its will not start help anybody lisaxx

Date: Mon Jun 12 22:17:57 2006
Name: Ade
URL: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/cbx550-cbx550f-cbx-550-cbx-550f-cbx-550-f-RideAway_W0QQitemZ4649385659QQcategoryZ9806QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
Type: CBX 550F
CBX 500 f for sale on EBAY UK.
unfaired model, start bidding at 75.
Bike is in regular daily use on 50 mile round trip.
Selling to finance Suzuki GT500 restoration.
May swop for MZ 300cc.

Date: Fri Jun  2 03:00:17 2006
Name: Alyson
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Have brought a blue cbx , bit scruffy, needs some tlc, but runs ok. Side panels are damaged, fixings broke off, any one got any good ideas on how to fix them? Or has any one got any in blue in good order to sell? Dreamed of owning one as a teenager, but couldn't afford one. Now having my second childhood and loving every minute. Also needs tank deco as warn, any ideas?

Many thanks


Date: Thu Jun  1 14:56:41 2006
Name: George
Email: gaseeds@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
It has to be said my CBX has been a trusty steed through good and bad,but is now for SALE she is now MOT`D for 1YR and is ready to take care of her new owner,she comes with a list of spares ,tank,side panels,wiring,carbs, engine,etc.
Ant one intrested e-mail me
PS. Home address in NORTHERN IRELAND
Many Thanks George

Date: Tue May 30 11:27:26 2006
Name: dan
Email: macdan38@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Just a quick question on chain tensioners ,can you replace it without taking the head off the bike . My tensioner rattles for about 2to 3 seconds every now and then when cold is this a normal thing or do i have a bomb on my hands......dan

Date: Fri May 19 02:45:21 2006
Name: euge
Email: eugeart@gmail.com
URL: http://home.grandecom.net/~eugeart/CBX/CBX1/1.htm
Type: CBX 550F
Just sold my immaculate cbx. *SNIFF* Had to do it... Anyhoo, I have brakepads in package- never opened. Daido brand, safe*D disk brake pads. I have three packs- enough to do all three disks on your bike. Email me to discuss price and shipping.

Yeah, I'll miss her but I'm thinking of a cafe-racer I want to build. It would be a crime to chop a basically stock cbx550f, since they are getting rare. So I'll find some old 78 cb750 four to mess with.

I'll give ya'll a little while to contact me to get first dibs otherwise look on ebay.


Date: Sun May 14 10:02:02 2006
Email: ocannabeer@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 550F

I have and extra monoshock for cbx 550 if you are interested. Email me and we can discuss price.

Date: Thu May  4 01:49:19 2006
Name: Stan
Email: cbxstan@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F
Bob check out ebay for aftermarket CBX rear shock out of the UK.
There are also few european afermarket suppliers for CBX.

Also at www.worksperformance.com thay will custom make one for you.

If you give, up I have a good stock shock I can sell $50 plus shipping.


Date: Wed May  3 02:59:43 2006
Name: Bob in East Canada
Sorry, I posted too quickly!
Can you please explain which model(s) year(s)of CBR F2 that can be used to supply a rear shock. The welding part I can do, but chasing parts is not too easy for me.

Date: Wed May  3 02:52:48 2006
Name: Bob in East Canada
Type: CBX 550F
I have been trying to gather interchange part numbers so local Honda dealer can order me parts. I have a bit of a messy list now, but would share if anyone wants.

How about the rest of you? Have any interesting interchange numbers to share?

Date: Mon May  1 14:45:36 2006
Name: Bob in East Canada
Type: CBX 550F
Thanks Stan.
Air suspension would be very soft. Perhaps someone who has access to many parts bikes could find a spring to fit one of those shocks you mentioned... 10.63" = 86 VFR750, TZ250 or CBRf2 with new mount??

What about racecar coilover spring, or Aftermarket replacement from UK or JP?

Seen this suspension setup? http://www.roadrider.jp/RR_cockpitview/cockpitview2003_Folder/cock0306_Folder/cockpitview0306_010-02.html

Date: Sun Apr 23 13:56:55 2006
Name: TJ
Email: teeje@shaw.ca
Type: CBX 550F
I have an 83' CBX550F and am looking for a fuel tank, parts bike, or a good runner(and will use mine as a parts bike when needed).
Would be nice to get this puppy back on the road. Just thinking that in 2 more years I could throw collectors plates on her.
As for cam chain noise, just shorten up the tensioner spring. Has worked for me!

Date: Fri Apr 21 00:10:41 2006
Name: Stan
Email: cbxstan@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F
Sorry Bob, there are not to many options for the CBX. The lenght of the CBX shock is 10.63" and the only other spring type shock that will bolt into the CBX is one from an 86 VFR750. Unfortunately the spring rate is way too stiff; I tried and there is no compression or rebound adjustment to make it worth finding another spring. Another close match would be a TZ250 if you can find one as the length is very close.
What I have done is used a shock from a CBRf2 cut the existing upper mount off and and welded a new upper mount 1/2" higher.


Date: Mon Apr  3 22:42:26 2006
Name: Bob 
Type: CBX 550F
Hi everyone!
Does anyone KNOW what other bike's stock spring/shock can be used in place of the stock CBX550F air spring/shock?

Date: Fri Mar 31 23:00:37 2006
Name: Name not Given
Type: CBX 550F
Anyone KNOW of a Stock coilover shock/spring setup that can be used to replace the airshock?
Aftermarket is not an option, too expensive. Wrecker shock is priced much better.


Date: Tue Mar 28 07:02:08 2006
Name: Gareth
Type: CBX 550F
Hello boys and girls. I bought my first motorbike today, after passing my bike test 5 years ago! And its a fabulous CBX550. Cant wait to get it taxed and on the road! Hope to message you more soon.

Date: Wed Mar 22 13:30:46 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://mfc.bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/cbxnz.jpg
Type: CBX 400 Custom
Hi guys,
I have received photos and letter from NZ, and he want to know the order of the indicators on the top of the forks.

Please tell me or write down info here about this issue.

# I am also afraid that it is Japanese model, because Japanese motos has 'speed over' alert it means the speed is over 80Km/h.

Date: Tue Mar 14 10:08:35 2006
Name: ade
Email: a.bromage@coventry.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Hi Folks,
I'm selling my CBX550 (midlands of england), I want to buy a Brit bike for fair weather & 2-stroke commuter for rainy days.
Bike has 59,000 miles on the clock, I use it 5 days a week on 50-mile round trip to work -its reliable & does 110-118 mph depending on conditions. I changed the camchain 8,000 miles ago & fitted a modified tensioner (Galea Canchains), also new 'o' ring drive chain & sprockets. Front tyre nearly new, back plenty of tread, monoshock links good, taper headrace bearings, 2-level sport seat for vertically challenged.
It is taxed and tested until july, comes with spares: front wheel & spindle, side panels, seat cowling, front forks (slight bend), indicators, 2 sets of front brake pads, std. seat, 2 front brake calipers plus brake covers & plates, handlebars, Jama 2:4 exhaust downpipes(patched), Haynes manual, other odds & ends.
Bad points-
minor: slightly scruffy paint, silver painted frame, 4:1 micron exhaust is patched.
More major: has burned oil since I got it (40,000 miles on clock) from cylinder 3, which has a scratch down the bore, about 300 miles/litre & smokes at tickover. Starter motor is sluggish when engine hot. Horn sounds a bit weedy these days.
Thought I'd see if a CBX fan wanted it before putting it on ebay, I want around 00 for it.
I may sell the parts separately. -may swop/part ex for very good late model MZ 300 or CZ/Jawa 350 commuter with tax & MOT? -Email me!

Date: Sat Mar 11 05:32:26 2006
Name: Chad
Email: service@walkerton.toyota.ca
Type: CBX 550F

Looking for a 4 into 1 exhaust for my 83 CBX550F. Just bought the bike (only has 16000km on it) & would like to make it sound a little better. I use to have the same bike back in 1986 with a Hindle 4 into 1 and it sounded sweet. If anyone can help me locate one it would be greatly appreciated.

Date: Thu Mar  2 05:41:52 2006
Name: geoff h 
Type: CBX 550F

Date: Tue Feb 21 13:24:06 2006
Name: trempe yannick
Email: julie_pinel@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
I want the manuel book four the honda cbx 550f 1983

Date: Thu Feb 16 13:37:26 2006
Name: kyle
Email: kjdubose@hotmail.com
i have a 1972 cb 750 and i need some steering bearings
does any body know what size they are so i can order them through the bearing guy at work?

Date: Sat Feb 11 12:49:46 2006
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/CBX/bbs/bbsj-i.html
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Don't mind to post about your parts. You are always welcome whenever the information is useful for CBX owners.
Some stupid SPAMmers still continue to post FOOOOlish messages here, they think their message is useful in general, but I will not accept any message which is not specified CBX.

Date: Sat Feb 11 12:25:54 2006
Name: Richard
Email: motad@miniturbo.net
URL: http://www.miniturbo.net
Type: CBX 550F
Hi Yasuda and every one else..
I guess none of you have read my last post?????
I am saving up for the new CB400 as it reminds me of my old CBX550F ( same paint scheme livery )

Anyone wishing to purchase parts, please note that heavy items are VERY expensive to ship out of United Kingdom ( example full motad exhaust is 0 GBP shipping fee!!! ouch! )

Shipping to outside UK is limited ( not many companies shipping items at low prices )

Unfortunately, this means nearly all my items will not be available to non UK residents ( sorry! as I know many of you guys need stuff that I have! )

Maybe the message board owner has contacts for new parts you might find useful???

It's great to know there are still lots of CBX550F out there...... lovely bikes.

I have not sold any items since posting last.
AMAZING, considering the number of requests for parts on this board.

I hope I am not one of the Spammers that the message board owner dislikes????? please let me know! I will stop if what I post is considered spam.

Date: Sat Feb 11 10:36:48 2006
Type: CBX 550F
I have a red 550 cbx that I would sell. It has new tires, calipers are good.
email hdavis@sympatico.ca

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