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Date: Mon Nov 15 22:24:04 1999
Name: Toby Lee-Smith
Email: Toby@jol.demon.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
looking for complete exhaust, headers and cans. prefer 4-2 but so long as cheap dont mind. budget restoration project.other bits may need inc. seat,fuel tank filler cap

Date: Mon Nov  1 04:56:39 1999
Name: Michael MacLean
Email: mmaclean@s4.interpasscard.net
Type: CBX 550F
I live in Canada and I'm trying to find a shop manual for a 1983 Honda CBX 550F I recently purchased.

Date: Wed Oct 20 22:58:08 1999
Type: Others
I'm looking for tires and turn signals for a 1985 black kawasaki motor cycle. I'm planning to fix it up to sell. It has 16,302 miles on it and I'd also like to get a price on it to sell.

Date: Wed Oct 20 02:27:08 1999
Name: Mark Veltman
Email: mveltman@lambton.on.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Anyone have any idea why it appears I am getting gasoline in my crankcase oil?

Date: Sat Oct  9 19:15:49 1999
Name: Wolfgang
URL: http://www.w-papendick.de/honda.html
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)

Thanks to Yasuda for this very good site.

I got my Honda CBX550F2 two weeks ago and I危 very satisfied.
Therefore I wrote my own CBX550F2 site (of course with a link to
this site.

You are invited and I would be very pleased to welcome every visitor on my site.

Thanks a lot and keep this site running.


Date: Fri Oct  8 16:26:53 1999
Name: Charlie
Email: chazkim@xtra.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Errr.... All CBX chat seems to focus on the camchain tensioner. Is the camchain going to be knackered as well? I'd rather not do it if I can avoid it as I remember changing the camchain ob a CB125TDC, and getting the soft link in was a nasty little fiddle. And my original question stands - do I need to undo head bolts to remove the camchain tensioner, and if so, are problems going to result?

Thanks for the rapid reply Roger.


Date: Tue Oct  5 03:15:04 1999
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Ed: I don't know if the F1 frame has the necessary mounts for the F2 fairing, but if it has you should be able to get the parts from just about any bike breaker. I'd recommend visiting the < a href="http://www.cmgonline.com">Canadian Motorcycle Guide< /a> - an excellent and informative site based in Toronto.

Wolfgang: There is a reasonably priced (and reasonably informative) Haynes manual for the CBX550, or you could try to get hold of the full Honda workshop manual. Either should be available from your local Honda dealer, and most bookshops should be able to order the Haynes manual for you. If you have any trouble < a href="rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk">e-mail me< /a> and I'll find the ISBN for the Haynes manual for you.

Charlie: I just had the camchain on my F1 fixed - you shouldn't have to remove the head from the bike unless you make a mistake and drop the chain into the bottom of the engine. Standard procedure is to break the old chain at the top of the engine (involves removing the rocker box, but /not/ the head itself), attach the new chain to the old and feed it through the engine. This has the benefit of keeping the valve timing unchanged, since the two ends of the engine remain connected at all times. When the new chain has been fully fed through, you should be able to disconnect the old chain from the new, and connect the two ends of the new chain together.

Whether you can do all this, plus remove and refit all the associated parts (petrol tank etc.) in one weekend depends on how experienced a mechanic you are - I got the local shop to do it for me. I wish I hadn't though: it took the bastards four weeks while they waited for parts.

Date: Mon Oct  4 12:58:33 1999
Name: Charlie Smith
Email: chazkim@xtra.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
My 550 F2 is running o.k. at the moment (some carburation issues, but nothing that some loving care won't solve), and is giving me a lovely ride into work every day. However, there's a bit of a rattle from the cam-chain tensioner (shock, horror!), which I'd kinda like to sort out (I'm lending the beast to a friend for his summer touring holiday here in NZ, and it would give us both peace of mind if it wasn't rattling at hand-over time). Can it be changed without taking the head off? - being a work bike it can only be off the road at the weekend, so I don't want to go too deep. It seems in the Haynes manual that it's held on by two of the head bolts - is this a problem. Any info greatly appreciated, especially if anyone knows whereabouts of cheap parts in Auckland!

Date: Fri Oct  1 02:13:21 1999
Name: Wolfgang
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)

I need help, because I am searching the technical manual about my CBX50F.
Where can I find them? Help!

Thanks in advance,


Date: Thu Sep 30 06:16:10 1999
Name: ed shipowick
Email: shipowick@stumail.siast.sk.ca
Type: CBX 550F

i just wanted to give further information on where it is i am writing. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and as i mentioned would like to out-fit my 550 f with the F2 fairing; where can i get one? I have just bought it with 13,000 km and needless to say it is mint. The riding season is over for this year but would love to roll her out next spring wearing a new 'bikini'! free wheelin', ed.

Date: Thu Sep 30 05:52:49 1999
Name: ed shipowick
Email: shipowick@stumail.siast.sk.ca
Type: CBX 550F

i dont know who will be reading this but i have an '83 cbx 550 f and i would like to buy the fairing to make it into an F2. where can i buy the needed accesories? thanks alot, ed.

Date: Mon Aug 30 04:26:50 1999
Name: Roger
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: cbx 550f
not only will your bike cope quite happily with unleaded, the engine was designed to run on lead-free fuels in the first place. mine's been running on the stuff ever since i bought it a year ago (and i have been less than gentle with the engine for most of the time): if any pre-ignition/soft valve seat problems were going to occur they would have surfaced by now.

generally speaking, all japanese bikes from the mid-70's onwards will be fine on lead-free fuels unless there has been any tuning work on the engine which has altered the compression ratios (which could cause detonation with lower-octane fuels).

you'll know if this is happening because black smoke will come out of the exhaust ;-)



Date: Wed Aug 11 21:16:08 1999
Name: Rob
Email: robert_fearnett@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I live in England and have had bikes longer than I have had cars.
I have a well looked after CBX550F2 (red/white/blk) in original spec. I have had this from new. It is now 16 years old and is still running fine. Will I be able to run this on unleaded or LRP after the good old 4* fuel is taken away?

Date: Tue Aug  3 04:06:03 1999
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Just bought myself a CBX 550 F2 - 82
but it寄 without the fairing... does anyone have or know
where i can get one?
Used will be fine.

Johann Bergenholtz, Sweden

Date: Tue Jul 27 23:23:42 1999

Date: Tue Jul 27 07:31:12 1999
Name: scott
Email: sstandr969@aol.com
Type: Other CBX
Maybe Im in the wrong site but I am selling my 1982 cbx but this is a six cyl. cbx. if anyone is interested this bike is a monster. in line six cyl. 1047cc it is in showroom condition with no flaws. This bike has never seen rain or sat out on hot days so the paint and everything else is perfect. I am located west of phila pa and love to show off my bike! I dont want to sell this rare bike but wife says it must go before I can buy the new vfr800f (too many toys) If you want to know more let me know!

Date: Sun Jul 25 16:30:49 1999
Name: Kenneth
Email: kenneth-yeo@unforgetable.com
I am riding an '84 cbx400 custom for about 3 years now. Recently, I encountered a major loss of power, and serviced my carburettor. Unfortunately, the manifold ruptured and I have problems getting a replacement (the dealers here in Singapore also said that this part is not produced in Japan anymore). Is there any shop in Japan that still sells this part? Alternatively, does anyone knows of a suitable replacement parts (inlet manifold connecting the carburettor to the engine)from the current range of japanese bikes that will fit the carburettor of a cbx400 custom?

Although I am the 4th owner for this bike, I had liked it's performance and will be sad to have to commission it to the scrap-yard.

Any assistance will be appreciated


Date: Tue Jul 20 22:10:16 1999
Name: Bill
Email: bill_ieong@hotmail
Type: CBX 400F
My Name is Bill, I come from Macau , near Hong Kong, I have brough a CBX400F from my friend, but unlucky I had an accident in Feb, 99 , my CBX400F was damaged, I need to clam the issurance company,the issuranc reply me that the CBX400F is value in $500USD, I am very angry that it is not possible that my CBX400F is quite good and all the parts is running before the accident, and now , it only damage a few parts, the issurance said that it don't pay the repairment and only pay the $500USD, so I need a certification that the CBX400F is no production in the worldwide and is very limited in the world, I can give you my enginee no and frame no which is NC70F-1017918, NC07-2003564. Thanks for your help and I need it urgent . Thanks

Best Regard
Bill Ieong

Date: Sun Jul 11 02:28:26 1999
Name: Roger
Email: roeltjen@ms.tlk.com
We search repair-manuals of Honda CBX 550 F /2 (PCO4)
in English. Please sent us your offers.

Date: Fri Jul  9 08:57:05 1999
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hello again from Ian
I've completely stripped the engine and i've just taken the crankcases and covers out of the dishwasher(I had to wait until my wife was out)and they are lovely clean and shining.
I wont be able to rebuild the engine as I wanted to as the parts are ridiculusy expensive.Thanks to Alan Hayward for his E-mailed tip about getting better prices from David Silver spares. I ordered some parts and got them the next day at reasonable cost.I purchased all the roller and needle bearings and oil seals from a local bearing shop for only 5 but the final drive sprocket gearbox oilseal is honda's own and had to be ordered separately.I'm making my own gaskets so as not to pay Honda's rip off prices. This weekend Im hoping to reassemble the engine.Has any one any tips for the cam chain tensioner.

Date: Fri Jul  2 09:34:01 1999
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I've just bought two cbx550 f2"s for 25.One of them is taxed & mot"d ,Looks ok but the engine sounds really rough and the brakes are useless.The 2nd bike is in a right state and has'nt been used for 4 years.Ive stripped the engine from the 2nd bike and I'm going to overhaul it and fit it into the 1st bike .I'm shocked at the price of spares,but I'm now commited.Can anyone tell me if any other bike engines spares are compatible with the CBX
(EG pistons,bearing shells,cam chain tensioner etc)as I'm trying to save money ,I would also appreciate any tips or modifications etc.
By the way I think this is an excelent site and I hope to send you some Photos soon.

Date: Thu Jul  1 16:01:25 1999
Name: Bill Ieong
Email: bill_ieong@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 400F
Dear Sir
My name is Bill, I am the owner of CBX400F , I come from Macau, near Hong Kong, but unluck , I had an accident in the 14 Feb, 1999, can you send me the information about the CBX 400F history and is it a limited production Bike in the worldwide, could you fax the information to me as my

Nike Number is NC07-2003564
eningeer no is NC07E-1017918

Fax number : (853)554644
Telephone Number : (853)6871095

Best Regard

Date: Tue Jun 29 09:35:23 1999
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/‾yasuda/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Jim, thanks for posting in this messages board.
But please refrain from posting not about CBX.

Anyway, 60mph is too fast to stop immediately in
Japanese road, I think.
Keep safe and fun to ride.

Date: Tue Jun 29 00:08:26 1999
Name: jim
Email: jbonfantI@ahblaw.com
My roomate are trying to settle a dispute
If a car and a motorcyle are each travelling 60 mph which needs a longer distance to stop?

Date: Fri Jun 25 08:47:15 1999
Name: shadrack
Email: flhtc@nbnet.nb.ca
I'm looking for engine parts for a 1977 cb 400 f

Date: Mon Jun 14 22:34:33 1999
Name: Alan Hayward
Email: alan@it-adviser.co.uk
URL: http://www.it-adviser.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi all.

I wasn't looking, but its great to find a CBX550 web site! I have an 83 blue F2. Bought it in 84, thrashed the nuts off it for three years and then took it apart as the Great British Winter eat the poor thing.

It is 50% rebuilt, except for the engine (looks a bit daunting that one), powder coated the frame, resprayed it (paint matching is a bugger, particularly with all those stripes), replaced every single crap bolt and screw for stainless. Perhaps another six months will see it going, several other projects on the go at the moment...

I had all the usual probs, cam chain tensioner, joke brake design - rust well, don't they etc. However, it is such a sweet bike, the CBR600 may have succeeded it (and is still out front), but I think it looks like a real bike and should be in the hall of fame as THE mid size multi which started the modern trend from the horrors of the seventies.

Comments noted on the write ups in the UK Used Motorcyle Guide - this month (Jun) even rated it as the biggest near miss of the eighties, only because of the brakes and camchain....

I will come back soon, don't let the web site disappear!

Bestest regards, Alan.

Help,comments, advice readily given from alan@it-adviser.co.uk

Date: Sat Jun 12 12:59:45 1999
Name: Kelly McLaughlin
Type: CBX 550F
Hi There!
I'm from Canada, WE only got this Bike in 1983 and only in the non fairing version, Still a neat bike. I am currently building one for a friend I bought it for him with a bad rod
[this appears to be common] I'm wondering if anyone has studied out the bottom end failure problem as from what I've read it appears fairly common along with the cam chain tensioner. If any permanent fixes are known could you please pass them along. I have been looking at the sump on this bike and it doesn't appear to ba a big task to add a spacer to the pan to increase oil capacity. any thoughts or comments? If any other problems or fixes are available please pass them on they would be greatly appreciated. does
anyone make any body work for this bike? I will frame mount a BMW s fairing on this one [because I love them] plastic seems to be impossible to obtain. well thanks for now.

Date: Fri Jun 11 10:16:50 1999
Name: paul ward
Email: ppward@email.msn.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
require a petrol tank colour RED/BLACK/WHITE

many thanks

Date: Fri May 14 20:35:28 1999
Name: Dave Head
Type: CBX 550F
Dave Silver spares is an excellent source of honda parts
and replica parts . They can be found at ,

safe riding Dave.

Date: Wed May 12 08:04:48 1999
Name: Roger Court
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
In the end I was able to replace the front pads without removing the wheel. The Haynes manual is a little decptive on this point: if you look up the section on servicing the brakes, it says something like "firs emove the front wheell as described in section X.x". However, tucked away in the section on routine maintainance at the front of the book, it tells you a way of doing the job with the wheel in the frame. Fiddly, but it worked.

Now my only problem is how to pay for the speeding ticket I picked up on the way from work today.



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