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Date: Mon May 10 09:25:42 1999
Name: Brian
Email: bakewell@gbracing.org
Type: CBX 550F
Found the troubles. one jet in one of the carbs was still plugged even after soaking. The orifice is too small even to pass a needle through to clean. So I soaked it overnight. That seemed to work

Date: Thu May  6 23:01:37 1999
Name: Brian
Email: bakewell@gbracing.org
Type: CBX 550F
HI. I'm having carb troubles with my CBX550F. I have two carbs that won't pull fuel from the main power circuit. I'm hoping to contact someone who may be able to help me with this. Thanks

Date: Fri Apr 30 13:04:58 1999
Name: Dave Head
Type: CBX 550F
I bought my cbx as a project bike from a local breaker last summer . It was in a sorry site , but more or less complete . I spent the remainder of the summer and the winter doing a complete rebuild . My aim is not to build a show winner but a pratical everday classic with pratical modifications . The bike is now almost ready for the road ( and the British summer , whenever that may be ! )
Yours Dave head
ps great site .

Date: Thu Apr 29 04:17:43 1999
Name: Mark Veltman
Email: mveltman@lambton.on.ca
Type: CBX 550F

I did the front brakes on my CBX550 recently. If i recall correctly, i did have to take the whole front wheel off.
It took a bit of fiddling, but I got it. I was changeing the tire anyway, and had it off, which is how I noticed my brakes needed changeing in the first place.

Good luck

Date: Mon Apr 26 10:15:02 1999
Name: DKennett@VCRDrydock.com
Type: CBX 550F
Could someone please tell me the correct TORQUE for the engine oil drain cover plate bolts and the engine oil drain plug. 1983 Red and white CBX 550F in Canada

Date: Wed Mar 31 19:54:20 1999
Name: Norbert Thiede
Email: n-thiede@thiede.com
URL: http://n-thiede.thiede.com/cbx
Type: CBX 550F

i want you sent greetings from germany and i hope you have more luck as i with your cbx.
after the winter i want to ride again an i must see and hear the my motor was dead.
After i have repair the head of the engine, i musst hear that the engine was dead and now i
become a new engine an i hope that i can ride my bike in the sommer.

but so i have more time to buil my page for the cbx in german.
i want that my site the site for all things about the cbx in germany is, wenn you want
show him

greetings from germany

norbert thiede

Date: Fri Mar 26 17:34:06 1999
Name: Cory Brzozowski
Email: coryb@cgocable,net
Type: CBX 550F
I have a 83cbx550f. I have had it for about 2yrs. It's been a very reliable bike as far as running goes. One reoccurring problem I have had is my fork seals going. I also am in the process of changing my chain also. I also have a major rattle when I hit the throttle. I think I read on hear that it could be the valve adjusters. Is that expensive because I am no mechanic. It's a cool little bike that is in very good shape. I live in Canada near Toronto in a city called Peterborough.I have never seen a 550f around here ever. I always get nice comments on it also.It is red whit and blue. I can't wait to start riding it soon. Thanks Cory

Date: Fri Mar 26 13:36:42 1999
Name: Peter Vassilew
Email: peter@bulcom.bg
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
I have a problem with the camshafts.I am looking for a new
or used ones at a suitable price.Please tell me where I
could find them because in Bulgaria there are not much of
these mashines(CBX400) and it is not easy for me to keep it
working a long time.This is (according to me) very reliable
mashine and I dont want to lose it.

Date: Tue Mar 23 05:52:35 1999
Name: Roger
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Volker: my bike has the same problem with oil consumption, and since it doesn't leak from the engine/gearbox case I can only surmise it's burning the stuff. Fuel consumption was 57miles/gallon after the last full service, down to 46mpg 4000 miles later. Yes, it's 1000 miles overdue, but I can't afford to have the work done right now - there's too much else to do.

Performance: I can't tell you the top speed, because I haven't found a road long, straight and flat enough to find out (hill country, you see), but my 65PS bike was still accelerating at 110 miles/hour, which is about 176kmh. Mind you, this was head-down-on-the-tank-and-praying. Sit upright and it's slower.

Anyway, question time. Given that I'm poor, and can't afford to pay a mechanic to do the work (everyone say "Aaaaaaaaw"), how hard is it to service the brakes on these bikes? The manual mentions getting the wheels out of the frame, which seems extreme but I can't see another way. Any tips? Anyone with any experience?



Date: Mon Mar 22 07:59:14 1999
Name: Cory Brzozowski
Email: paddy@nexicom.net
Type: CBX 550F
I have a 1983 cbx 550f. It is white, blue and red.

Date: Wed Mar  3 23:33:58 1999
Name: Phil Addyman
Email: P.J.M.Addyman@media-perf.salford.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
i have one too

Date: Thu Feb  4 23:36:16 1999
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/~yasuda/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi, Volker,

Thanks for writing in this BBS. I am webmaster of this
web site.
Well, my CBX's consumption was 18Km/l in winding road and
35Km/l in freeway. And the oil never vanished even I run
6000Km without no charge. Your CBX is leaking oil in
cylinder or in gearbox. Please check it.
Yutaka Yasuda.

Date: Fri Jan 29 17:10:22 1999
Name: Volker 
Email: koenig_v@*NOSPAM*efwtn1.et.tu-dresden.de
Type: CBX 550F
Hi everybody,

It寄 nice to find a CBX page in the web, thanx to everyone
who put photos and stories in the web. I own a 1982 model,
it寄 standard apart from the bikini fairing (very good),
digital speedo, oil thermometer, changed indicators (the original ones look
crap, don岐 they ?!?), hotgrips, 4-1 sebring exaust (goooood sound!!!)
and a bike alarm (unfortunately I DO need it, it寄 a shame.)

The bike has done 79.000 kilometres so far and still goes fine (ok, ok, it HAS it寄 second engine).
The only problem is a little rough engine run in lower revs that
couldn岐 be cured by tuning the carburettors, but it寄 not to bad.
All in all it寄 a very reliable bike although it seems to
react extremly sensitiv to weather conditions. That means in very
cold / very hot air the bike goes far more roughly than in
let寄 say 10 - 20 degrees centigrade and dry air. But this only showes again:
my CBX寄 HAS got a sort of soul ;-))). My CBX is a 50 PS model
that goes 165 - 170 km/h on a gooooood day with no wind. Normally 160.
Some of you wrote their CBX goes 200 km/h, I can not believe that.
What engines do you have? even with 65 PS the top speed should
not exceed 180 - 190 km/h.

So don岐 grind the streets with your handlebars, it gives a bad sound.


By the way, could you please send me your consumtion figures
(oil / petrol) for comparison?? My CBX takes 5 litres/100 km (48 mpg) and 0.5 - 1 litre oil every 1000 km. Thanx!

Date: Mon Jan 25 02:11:08 1999
Name: Guillermo Brajovic A.
Email: gba@mvelasco.enersis.cl
Type: CBX 400 Custom

Well, I can tell you that the CBX 400 Custom is not restricted to Japan. I recently purchased one here in Chile, just on the other side of the Pacific.

I was looking for a "custom" model and a friend told me about a very cheap Kawasaki LTD near Santiago (our capital city and mi beloved birthplace). Well, we arrived to a VERY SMALL town called El Manzano and then go the countryside. Only dusty roads, farmers and cows. Finally, we met the owner of the Kawasaki, but he had already sold it. But there was the Honda 400 Custom. Full of dust, lacking one mirror, lots of scratches in the fuel tank paint and a very abused seat. But my ears doesn't lie and they told me that the engine was in very good shape. And, regarding the quality of the roads around there, the suspension was excellent. As it was a real bargain, for chilean standars at least, i bought it.
I take it inmediately from El Manzano to Santiago (150 Km) finding no problem at all and getting the "back to the road" feeling:)
I've just finished cleaning the carburators (lots of dust!)and changing oil, braking and transmission fluids and filters (gas and air). Next steps are:

-Getting engine specs!!! (any help?)
-Cosmetic improvement (new seat cover, etc..)


Date: Wed Dec  2 15:21:39 1998
Name: Maurice
Email: DuffyFamily@xtra.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
A week ago I left a message in regards to my CBX. It doesn't matter now as since then a lady driver failed to give way to me and has written both me ,my bike and her car off.
I right this to you from home recovering from multiple injuries including a broken neck
bye M.B Duffy

Date: Sun Nov 29 13:08:57 1998
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.gr.jp
URL: http://bakkers.gr.jp/‾yasuda/CBX/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Next Sunday, 6 December, I meets Mr. Ivo in Kyoto, JAPAN.
How amazing!
Mr. Ivo's page is;

Date: Fri Nov 20 14:47:19 JST 1998
Email: DuffyFamily@xtra.co.nz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I too own a CBX550 A 1986 F2E INTEGRA I have found it to be a reliable bike but now has devoloped a whine from the gearbox while under acceleration. Is there an easy cure or is it terminal

Date: Fri Nov 06 07:42:22 JST 1998
Name: Roger
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
Don't know about the web, but the 550 is a favourite with the UK used bike guides. Top speed is quoted as either118mph or 120mph, depending on which publication you read. Honda quote a power figure of 65PS @ 10,000 rpm, which apparently translates into 62bhp in proper money. Everything else is either on this site or on the "Joy of CBX" site in Oz (see links).

Can't help you personally with the fairing, but if you try the Canadian Motorcycle Guide message board at www.cmgonline.com you might just be lucky. Besides, it's an excellent site.

Date: Fri Oct 30 00:12:42 JST 1998
Name: Scott Howell
Type: CBX 550F
I am living in Newfoundland Canada , and I have a 1983 CBX550F. I find this a very nice bike. It is almost all original except for the WOLF 4 into 1 Header and pipe. It is red and white in color. I am looking for some info over the web on performance and if there is anylisting for a fairing anywhere , please advise.
To all you CBX550 riders keep your right hand cranked.

Date: Tue Oct 27 04:36:04 JST 1998
Name: Roger
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 400F
Harry wrote:
I am just about to start a rebuild of my CBX550 engine as it
is suffering from oil pressure problems. Also on the agenda
is replacement of the timing chain and tensioner.
my questions are:-
1.What other work should I carry out when I strip the engine
2.Where is the best place in the UK to buy the parts (cheapest)

Depends how it's running and what the mileage is like. If it's low mileage and basically running OK, leave it alone. If it's running roughly, overheating, losing power or making smoke, take the head off while you've got the top and bottom of the engine disconnected, and take a look at the valves and the state of the bores. Doing this will involve replacing the head gasket (and associated seals), and may be more trouble than it's worth. Especially as I don't know the answer to question 2. Hope that confuses you.

By-the-by, I ende up buying the CBX I mentioned below. Fluid and pads sorted the brakes out nicely. Only had it a week, but so far it's been great.

Date: Sat Oct 24 19:14:00 JST 1998
Name: Harry
Email: hthomso@uk.ibm.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am just about to start a rebuild of my CBX550 engine as it
is suffering from oil pressure problems. Also on the agenda
is replacement of the timing chain and tensioner.
my questions are:-
1.What other work should I carry out when I strip the engine
2.Where is the best place in the UK to buy the parts (cheapest)

Date: Wed Oct 07 01:32:57 JST 1998
Name: Roger
Email: rcourt01@buckscol.ac.uk
Type: CBX 550F
I've just been offered a CBX550-F1 by my local dealer: 1985, 33000 miles (53000km). The bike appears very clean, aftermarket stainless exhaust, engine, gearbox and handling still extremely sound, but I'm worried about the front brakes. The rear system still performs normally, but the front is no better than a car of similar age - in other words the bike still stops, but not as well as you would expect, and fade is a definite problem. Sounds like nothing more than old brake fluid and pads, but does anyone know of any hidden problems I should particularly look out for before I decide to buy (or not to buy)?

Cheers, (and thanks in advance)

Roger Court

Date: Tue Sep 29 08:47:59 JST 1998
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.org
URL: http://bakkers.org/‾yasuda/
Type: CBX 400F
Hi Joop,
Air cooled engine makes more vibration than liquid type.
But I think CBX twincam is one of the best smooth air cooled engines.
I recommend to show your machine to moto shop.

Date: Tue Sep 29 05:25:34 JST 1998
Name: Joop
Email: puffdog@wxs.nl
Type: CBX 550F
I have just bought a CBX 550f.
Is it normal that the engine starts to
vibrate at 5000 rpm??

Please let me now.



Date: Tue Sep 15 18:49:16 JST 1998
Name: Yutaka Yasuda
Email: yasuda@bakkers.org
URL: http://bakkers.org/‾yasuda/CBX/
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
To Les:
I am so glad to hear about your case. I hope you have nice
run with your 550F.

To Mooney:
I am waiting for your come back to this page. Let us join!
I saw 550F2 running in Palmaston North, NZ the last summer.

To all:
Please let me know about more CBX on your country!

from Webmaster.

Date: Mon Sep 14 19:14:22 JST 1998
Name: Rob Patheyjohns
Email: rpathey@mollicule.u-net.com
Type: CBX 550F
CBX 550 bigend failure
I have decided to sell. (see message Aug 25th)
I live in Warrington (Manchester/Liverpool area)
Big ends blown otherwise Bike is in seriously good condition with 10 month MOT. new silencer. Will make an excellent winter project
200 pounds will buy it (NO offers). I can deliver on trailer up to 30 mile radius.

Date: Mon Sep 14 05:16:49 JST 1998
Name: Tim Mooney
Dear Sir, I've been thinking about buying a CBX 550 F2 here in Auckland New Zealand. Thank you for setting up your web page - I have enjoyed finding out a little more about the bike and have contacted another person from Gisborne in New Zealand who is on your page.

If I buy the CBX I will return and contribute - maybe set up my own page.

Kind regards

Tim Mooney

Date: Tue Aug 25 05:02:50 JST 1998
Name: Rob Patheyjohns
Type: CBX 550F
36,000miles 1983 blue/white.
Says that it is F2 on the side panel but there is no sign of a fairing ever having been fitted

Big ends have blown. I have been told that this is common.
Anyone else found this?
I'm not very impressed with the cost of repair which is likely to be more than the bike is worth (ca. 00, more if crank needed)
I've only had it three months which means that actions taken will be damage limitation rather than sentimental
Shame really since the rest of the bike is in good nick
Any suggestions before I send it to the auction or scrap it

Date: Wed Aug 19 18:50:30 JST 1998
Name: Les
Email: labrady@ozemail.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
I've just rebuilt my CBX550. Rings, head,cam chain tensioner{which was broken in half.}
I have the Hays manual and find it excellent.
Thanks for a helpful webpage

Date: Sun Jul 26 03:49:18 JST 1998
Name: ivan garcia
Email: casa.juntas@codetel.net.do
Type: CBX 400F
hello, I need more information about cbx400f
in dominican republic there isn't parts honda cbx400f.
please send me price of engine and cdi.

thank you,


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