Meeting with Yarimizu in Kyoto

I have met with Mr. Yarimizu who lives in Hokkaido of Japan in Kyoto, 27th October 2002.
He has a beautiful CBX Custom in his home. (Hokkaido is the north area of Japan.)

He had been in Kyoto as his educational trip program of his highschool. Therefore we made a plan to meet and take a lunch in Kyoto where is my home town. (In Japan, almost highschool has their own trip program. Initialy, it was a kind of "social experience education" but in these years, it is just for fun. Typical destination is Tokyo, Kyoto or Nara.)
He requested "Tofu cuisine" or "Yuba something" for the lunch, yes, it is the one of the special cuisine of Kyoto for well-grownup visitors. Not for teenagers but anyway I reserve a restrant of Tofu, "Ume-no-hana". It is one of the famous restrant of Kyoto so we had some kind of gorgeous lunch.

Oh it was enough, He got a new experience, Now he knows "Yuba" was not favor of himself. I think it was a good educational social experience for him.

At the night, I had been able to show my CBX to him. The title photo was taken at that time. Maybe my age is double of him or it was a little bit cold, he looks so nervous. ;-)

Let us visit each other of CBX owners! And please send a report to me if you succeed to make a session. We can feel the relationship.
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