Yarimizu's Custom

Mr. Yarimizu is living in Hokkaido area of Japan. His Custom is under restoring in his house strage from long years parking. I hope your moto will be back on the road smoothly. His letter is following;

Hi, I checked your web page, thank you.
Now I am in 2nd year of the highschool. My parents has also CBX 400 Custom in my home and I will recieve it when I will graduate. Actually, the owner is my mother.
Nowadays, I decide to back it on the road and ride. Then I am cleaning it first because it was under the much dust. The rust is also serious. And more, I have no license yet. (Ha ha)
Please tell me when I ask something, because I don't know how to repair, do consolidation and more.

From Yasu.:
It looks so nice condition.
I hope you get the license then ride on. Unfortunately, Hokkaido area is too far away from Kyoto city where I am then it maybe so hard to make a chance to run together.
Anyway, I wish you finish cleanings of your moto in long winter period.

The model "Custom" is quite different from the model "F". As you can see, wheels and brake system are different. It has also the shaft drive system. The generator is placed on the back of the engine, not on the end of crank shaft. Therefore the width of the engine block is relatively small.
The wide crank case is one of the charateristic point of F but it is not convenient for riding or pushing.
650 Custom, CBX 650 NightHawk and CBX 750 F has also the same mechanical design. Honda never develop the F model with 650 engine. According the spec sheet, almost parts are the common with 400F/550F.
Maybe 550 F has 572cc (59.2mm x 52mm) capacity then Honda didn't feel the needs to expand it to 655cc (60mm x 58.8mm).
The boar and stroke of 400 Custom is different from F. There are lot of small different points of the engine.

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