Meeting with the Kennett in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

17 September, 2000. I met Don Kennett in Vancouver, Canada.
There is a story and photo of him.

He lives in Richmond, near by Vancouver airport. He guided us from the airport to the historic fishing village Steveston. We enjoyed a nice lunch with his family. I chose a dish of Red Snapper, a kind of cod and it was fine. Mr. Kennett had a full dish of oysters.
After then, he also guided us to Lonsdale Quey Hotel in North Vancouver, that was our reserved hotel. While we were moving to there, he told to me about many things. Well, it was a impressive drive tour for us. Thank you very much for your kindness, Don.

(The above photo shows Mr. and Mrs. Kennett and their childlen, Me and my wife from the leftside.)

kennet2.jpg The garden of Mr. and Mrs. Kennett. What a beautiful!

honda1.jpg This building is the Honda Distribution Warehouse. Don's CBX would have been imported to this warehouse from Japan before being shipped to a Honda dealer.

quey1.jpg Lonsdale Quey Hotel is pretty nice hotel. I like it.

quey2.jpg The ground floor was thronged with people. And the night scene was also fine.

quey3.jpg Oh, Nishiki-goi. (Seafood? No, No, Nishiki-goi is a traditional Japanese varicolored (or golden) carp, for appreciation. :-)

station1.jpg You can reach to Vancouver city area in 15 minits by seabus. So beautiful station.

Let us visit each other of CBX owners and please send a report to me if you succeed to make a session. We can feel the relationship even we are separated by the ocean like me and Don. Thanks a lot again, Don.
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