My CBX550F

I am the originial owner of a 1983 CBX 550F, red and white and purchased in Vancouver, Canada. It is in great shape, near stock with only 20,000km on it.

I have replaced the exhaust pipes with a HINDLE 4 into 1 exhaust, 4 black into 1 silver. The center stand had to be left off to fit this pipe. I have heard that stock pipes rust out quickly on the west coast. This happened to me twice.

I had problems early on (1986) with the valves, valve guides and one cylinder. Honda Canada argued but eventually told me that they had used defect parts in manufacture and they did most of the repair work for free ( an inferior alloy).

I have had the cam chain tightener replaced . It is common that it gets stuck making a RATRRTTTTtt sound at low RPM.

The carburaters tend to get dirty fairly easy especially during winter storage. This is in spite of draining the carbs before putting it into storage.

27 Apr 1999


Don's CBX 550 F. in 26 May 2000.

Don Kennett (V Dry Dock)

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