A letter from Suhaimi in Singapore

My full name is Mohd Suhaimi B Hozaini. Hozaini is my father's name and can be taken as the family name.
I'm from Singapore and recently got myself a CBX400F('83). But it seems I'm still having teething problems with the bike. Therefore cannot fully enjoy riding it yet.

CBX is not popular here due to the short production 82-84 and most of them that are still available are in bad state (cosmetically only as far as I know). I think it's not popular because the bike colors looks too similar like the Yamaha RD. Most CBX owners are old timers and practical people do not flash that often. So the CBX did not get much mainstream limelight it deserve.

The CBX mailing list is good but unfortunately most of the CBXers riding the bigger 6 cylinders. So I'm looking for tips and experiences (eg your homepage). ;-)

Well there's a couple of them around, most in lousy condition anyway but still running. Most are the 82 models and 84 and one or two(almost got myself) the 400FF. There seems to be more CBX400(Customs) and in better conditions compared to the 400F. I think u might have missed CBX in Singapore.

Fyi, the Singapore Police Force(Traffic Police) is still riding the CBX750 :-)
Is the CBX 400 popular in Japan?

Mohd Suhaimi B Hozaini (yeehah_man@yahoo.com)

Dec. 1998

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