CBX 400 Custom story

Well, I can tell you that the CBX 400 Custom is not restricted to Japan. I recently purchased one here in Chile, just on the other side of the Pacific.

I was looking for a "custom" model and a friend told me about a very cheap Kawasaki LTD near Santiago (our capital city and mi beloved birthplace). Well, we arrived to a VERY SMALL town called El Manzano and then go the countryside. Only dusty roads, farmers and cows. Finally, we met the owner of the Kawasaki, but he had already sold it. But there was the Honda 400 Custom. Full of dust, lacking one mirror, lots of scratches in the fuel tank paint and a very abused seat. But my ears doesn't lie and they told me that the engine was in very good shape. And, regarding the quality of the roads around there, the suspension was excellent.

As it was a real bargain, for chilean standars at least, i bought it. I take it immediately from El Manzano to Santiago (150 Km) finding no problem at all and getting the "back to the road" feeling:)

I've just finished cleaning the carburators (lots of dust!)and changing oil, braking and transmission fluids and filters (gas and air).
Next steps are:
-Getting engine specs!!! (any help?)
-Cosmetic improvement (new seat cover, etc..)


Guillermo Brajovic A. (gba@mvelasco.enersis.cl)