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Date: Wed Oct 22 00:02:16 2008
Email: kieslerp@gmail.com

Date: Fri Oct  3 18:53:05 2008
Name: Gordon
Email: tonka4u2@hotmail.co.uk
Hi im looking for parts for my C reg Honda CBX 750F as compared 2my cb750f2 its luxurious with fuelguage etc. I would consider whole bike for spares and a Haynes repair manual or similar. Has anyone got camchain and or slippers?

Date: Sat Sep 13 20:46:51 2008
Name: simon bushell
Email: bushell_simon@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi! I am at the moment chopping a CBX 550F but am pretty much keeping it authentic - same engine, carbs, gearbox, wheels, brakes etc. I have put a teardrop tank on and am having trouble connecting up the automatic fuel shut off valve system back on because I didnt start the project so I dont know how it went together. Could anyone tell me where the vacuum hose routes to from the valve and if you need more than just one hose, or any other info about the system i could use...?
That would be much appreciated!
Cheers. Simon.

Date: Fri Sep 12 00:06:57 2008
Name: Islander
Type: CBX 550F

For sale CBX550F 1983 $1900.00
Just around 57,000 km mark, changes as I ride it.

For sale on sothern part of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada.

The bike is in good running shape and good condition for 25 years old. The bike had new tires and the brakes done this year. The bike had a valve adjustment done this year too. Only quips to complain about is the fork seals have started to leak and I am keeping an eye on that. The fork bushing I have been told are worn. You may want to put on new mufflers but I wouldn't bother as they have a nice sound. Runs great.

Date: Mon Sep  8 10:41:39 2008
Sorry for your loss Gerard!
I own 3 of these 550F's and with the bad economy ( I work at an Automotive Dealer). I am forced to sell at least 1 of them for now. This bike is the only one I have on the road at the moment. The others need more work. I had no takers for the Wife, Dogs, or Cats! So 1 of the bikes must go! http://www.usednanaimo.com/classified-ad/6947105

Chat with you later

Date: Sun Sep  7 17:19:27 2008
Name: Gerard Van Dijk
Email: vandijkg@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Hi friends. forgot to write in the licence number of my stolen cbx550f, which is E7-2492 British Columbia Canada . I hope you all will keep a Eye open and help me find it back. I have owned "Honey" for 20 years. My Father and I spent 3 months making stainless steel mufflers. The mufflers look almost Factory.She is a red one. It also has a hand made backrest.please feel free to call collect 604-722-3791 thanks all Gerard

Date: Sun Sep  7 16:56:16 2008
Name: Gerard Van Dijk
Email: vandijkg@yahoo.ca
Hi Everyone , I have a sad note as it seems my 83 cbx550f got stolen Its a red one, has homemade stainless mufflers attached to the factory pipes. I built a backrest made out of 1 inch square tubing.The bike also has a set of Hot grips . Honey was taken from my tractor shed . I live in Delta , British Columbia , Canada. Please keep a look out for it.

Date: Sat Aug 30 03:50:21 2008
Name: Gl;en-Peter Promnitz
Email: glen3@telkomsa.net
Type: Other CBX
i am looking for a starter motor for my Honda CBX PROLINK 11000CC I LIVE IN SOUTH AFRICA

Date: Thu Aug 28 22:28:54 2008
Name: Richard
Email: kasandrich@gmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi I've just bought a CBX550F as a restoration project. How reliable are the engines, mine is a bit of an unknown quantity and my biggest concern at the moment.

Date: Sat Aug 23 02:08:38 2008
Name: Kim 
Email: surfduden@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi there!

Can anyone please tell me the amount of oil needed in the front forks? Also which type!



Date: Wed Aug 13 22:56:53 2008
Name: Per
Email: falcon661@spray.se
Type: CBX 550F
I need the three ventilation plates that sits in the reare break,do you now where i can buy plates?

Date: Thu Aug  7 10:15:30 2008
Name: Lawrence Covone
Email: lcovone@hotmail.com
1979 Red Honda CBX #CB120 03739 for sale. Has 51,739 miles but runs good. Needs work on it. Belonged to a very close friend that loved to ride it. Only asking $1500. Also has to be picked up bu buyer. To be truthful I know very little about cycles, by what the owner told me,I will stand firm on this price. I also have complete owner's manual for the bike. If interested email me or call (732)752-8745.

Date: Tue Aug  5 01:55:29 2008
Name: Gordon M
Email: enquiry@gmcg.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)

Anyone out there know where I can get replacement mirrors for my F2D (1984)

Apparently Honda have discontinued them.

I will consider a used pair - in decent condition.


Date: Mon Jul 21 08:23:52 2008
Name: Colin (in Scotland)
Email: cavalier@colinb.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Just getting around to putting my F2c back on the road after being laid-up for 5yrs. Stripped down front forks and changed leaking seals and freed off front calipers at same time. So how much oil in the forks chaps???
Now at the other end I tried to pump rear brake caliper pistons out but didnt move so levered pads back to free them off and lost all pedal pressure so looks like I blew the m/cyl seals, so where do I get new seals/repair kit/m/cyl???
TIA, Colin.

Date: Sat Jul 12 11:08:04 2008
Name: Phil
Email: fishman_Phil@xtra.co.nz
Type: CBX 400F
My CBX400F is hard to start and I find that it is made easier to start by sucking on the vacuum pipe to the petrol tap. Can these taps be replaced by a non diaphram type or is there a problem somewhere that I can check to rectify.
Cheers ... Phil

Date: Mon Jun 23 03:34:46 2008
Name: Marko
Email: jepujep (at) dnainternet.net
Type: CBX 550F

I would need primary drive chain for my brother寄 CBX 550 F. Does anyone have an idea where I could get one? Tried to google very much, but still no luck... :(

Date: Tue Jun 17 13:18:10 2008
Name: bill
Email: bill@oceanpromotion.com
Type: CBX 550F
hi Don, i want your hindle pipe, how much, email me at bill@oceanpromotion.com or anyone else with a pipe for my 83 cbx550, thanks, Bill

Date: Sun Jun  8 09:42:09 2008
Name: Jeff
Email: fair1183@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F
Hey folks, just got myself a CBX550F here in sunny BC Canada... not many around here, just lookin to see if anyones got parts near by. :)

I need:
Left and right side covers
both rear pegs
and prolly a bunch other stuff, depending how close you are! :)

reply to joofus_maximus@hotmail.com

Date: Sun May 25 10:51:40 2008
Name: Don
Email: kennett6060@shaw.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Looking for exhaust pipes

I have a 4 to 1 exhaust system on my 1983 Honda CBX 550

It is a Hindle system


Date: Tue May 13 23:55:44 2008
Name: cbx550f-Rider
Type: CBX 550F
Ebay entire bike, CBX 550F running for sale.
Ebay Item number: 230251544441

Just to let the folks living in the UK know there is a one owner 1985 CBX550F for sale with only 17,000 miles selling locally on eBay. He isn't taking pay pal, you must a have 10 or more positive feedback rating and you must either pick up the bike or he can ride it to your place for a fee.


Date: Thu May  8 15:13:30 2008
Name: cbx550f-Rider
Type: CBX 550F
I came across a couple more sites selling Jama exhausts that appear to have mufflers for the CBX550F

Do a search for CBX550f and you will find the Honda CBX550F/F2 Jama Exhaust 4-2 System (95.1003)

Likewise you can try http://www.exoticsportbike.com/cb550k3_cbx550f_f2.htm
for the CBX550F/F2 JAMA Original complete 4-2 system Noise Approved

Hope this helps everybody looking for exhaust pipes, mufflers for their motorcycles:-)

Date: Thu May  8 10:31:02 2008
Name: cbx550f-Rider
Type: CBX 550F
For those asking about mufflers for the CBX550F

I heard from someone lately that the SITO mufflers model number 1247 fit on the CBX550f and the CBX400f.

Their website is http://www.sitogroup.com

I hope this helps

Date: Fri Apr 18 05:57:33 2008
Name: Sean J
Email: homeboyis@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am also interested in a new exhaust for my 83 cbx550f (14000km), or possible repair on the original exhaust, any thougts on this? I live in Calgary Alberta and ride whenever I can.

Date: Thu Apr 10 11:00:14 2008
Name: cbx550f-Rider
Type: CBX 550F
Curious to know if there are any manufactures still having exhaust systems for the CBX550F from the exhaust tail pip all the way to the engine .
My bike does not have the original pipes connecting to the engine. I forget the name, but the diameter might be different than the originals to the tail pipe that is the problem.

Date: Tue Mar 25 09:39:08 2008
Name: Akihito Igarashi
Email: akinoarashi@hotmail.com
I am looking for a CBX 400S.
It can be just the frame.
If anyone knows a site,company,person, where I can buy one please let me know.
I perfer an australian site,company,person cause I live in australia.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Date: Sun Mar  9 04:38:00 2008
Name: simon bisley
Email: louise.bisley@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
i have a 1985 cbx 550f red and white which i have just
bought from the ebay website. it is in very goob condtion
and i really love it. i am having a few small problems
such as poor starting, poping and banging and spulltering
but this stops once its warmed up [ any ideas anyone].
hope to hear from some of you out there sometime.
thanks for now simon.

Date: Sun Feb 24 05:54:41 2008
Name: Kevin Rae
Type: CBX 550F
I have a problem witht my above bike. I fitted a petrol filter as the tank is slightly rusty inside and the bike ran fine for a week or so. I put in some petrol that has been sitting in the shed for a couple of months and now suddenly if feels like the bike is running on three cylinders and I am lucky to get it to 55mph. It won't idle and only start by constantly revving the accelerator. I looked at the filter and petrol is just dribbling in, could this be the problem?

Date: Sun Feb  3 00:01:37 2008
Name: jurrassic@talktalk.net
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
will not fire was working on 3 cylinders how do u check the coil ameture sorry john

Date: Wed Jan 30 19:32:07 2008
Name: g wilson
Email: gmmwilson@hotmail.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
burgundy/white/black stripe

Date: Wed Jan 16 16:13:13 2008
Name: Kim Lamb
Email: kimlillie@gmail.com
Type: CBX 550F

Looking for used working order starter motor and fuel tap.

1) Honda CBX 550F Supersport
2) Red in colour
3) 1984 model

From: cape town - South Africa

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