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Date: Sat Apr  2 04:11:01 2005
Name: Geordie
Email: gaseeds@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi Dami
A simple fix for your pitted forks, if they are realy deep
is fill them with Arldite and leave to dry then remove access with very fine 1000 or 12000 wet and dry paper(use it wet),then install your new fork seals.
Any Problems post a note

Date: Sat Apr  2 04:03:41 2005

Date: Wed Mar 30 21:03:24 2005
Name: dami
Email: damiaan.de.backer@.ovam.be
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
I have leaking front forks. My dealer told me I have to renew the front forks because they are scraped at critical pooints. Offcourse you can see it/feel it a little bit(very much says my dealer, what did you do with your bike ? but I drive like a grandfather, so scratches are probably still from a previous owner) and I also noticed that the cromium layer is a bit worn-out.
My question: is it true what my dealer says: if I reassmbly averything without changing the front forks themselves there is a good chance that within a few weeks they will leak again (although I drove with it for 8 years without leaking problems).
Thank you in advance for any answer.

Date: Sat Mar 26 09:09:18 2005
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
wrong place to ask mate, try using google a bit more.........


its not a bike, its a fridge on wheels......he,he,he....

Date: Thu Mar 24 12:59:54 2005
Name: scottt brooks
Email: sandsportkid@msn.com
I'm looking for a CBX1100 engine is anyone no where i can order one from.

Date: Thu Mar 24 12:59:08 2005
Name: scottt brooks
Email: sandsportkid@msn.com
I'm looking for a CBX1100 engine is anyone no where i can order one from.

Date: Wed Mar 23 13:39:37 2005
Name: Ken 
Type: CBX 550F
I am in the process of buying a 1983 Canadian spec 550 F.

I have heard concerns about the cam chain. What should I do up front to ensure it is up to spec.

The bike has 33,000 km on it.


Date: Tue Mar 22 13:09:24 2005
Name: Richard W.
Email: motad@miniturbo.net
Type: CBX 550F
Also.. ( sorry I forgot to mention )

I have also got a used red and white tank, no dents, rough looking on underside, but not leaking; needs painting as it's not A1. ( photo's available on request for any parts mentioned )
Also have various other used parts.
Very good Front Discs
Nearly new O-Ring Chain and sprockets ( done 80 miles )
Brake pedal
Left and right footpeg hangers ( those big alloy bits! )
starter clutch chain and gear
alternator in housing ( just outer section I think )
Pair of fuel tank rubber mountings
Set of Coils and leads,
Left and Right side panels.
A well used Genuine ( green and white ) Honda CBX400F/CBX550F workshop manual
A used ( but good condition ) Haynes manual

Plus, no doubt, other parts that I just cannot recall right now.

If anyones interested in anything, just drop me an email, and I'll get back to you.
:o) summers coming ! yipeeee!!!!

Date: Tue Mar 22 13:06:41 2005
Name: Richard W.
Email: motad@miniturbo.net
Type: CBX 550F
Hello people,
I'm selling my CBX550F 1983 31,000 miles

I've got LOTS of spares for sale!
( mostly new from david silvers etc )

New camchain tensioner
New camchain tensioner blade
New camchain tensioner guide
New HD CAMCHAIN supplied by Tony Galea camchains!
New Metzeler ME33 front tyre
New Metzeler ME99 rear tyre
New NGK plugs
Ne Gen Honda Oil filter with new O-ring seal
New chrome petrol tank cap
New Gen Honda Brake seals,
New Gen Honda Brake Dust seals,
New Gen Honda caliper gaitors,
New Gen Honda Brake caliper bleed screws.
New Gen Honda outer Anti Dive seals/gaitors.
New sump bolt and washer
New Gen Honda small clutch bearing
New mini indicators ( set of 4 )
New Motad Neta FULL exhaust system in 'black chrome'.
can be seen at www.miniturbo.net
The mobile phone number has changed, but the home one is the same. There are slight marks to the gold anodized section, as shown in the photo's, due to it being moved around. ooops. Price reflects this, but open to offers. Postage is fixed for UK mainland, contact me for postage price if you are not in the UK.
New full gasket set including valve stem oil seals
New gen honda copper exhaust seals/gaskets
New gen honda clutch housing gasket
plus a few other new parts.... rear brake cylinder rubber boot etc..

ALL NEW PARTS HAVE NEVER BEEN FITTED, and nearly all are still in their Honda packaging.

If anyones interested in anything, just drop me an email, and I'll get back to you.
Best Wishes for 2005!!!!! ( yes I know it's a bit late! )

Date: Tue Mar 22 13:02:39 2005

Date: Tue Mar 22 08:44:44 2005
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Lisa, are you happy that the coils are OK. they can cause odd problems.


Date: Mon Mar 21 02:59:57 2005
Name: Priidic
Email: jawa@hot.ee
Type: Others
Hi, how much takes CBX 550 F, gasoline to 100km? in the city & on the road?

Thank you!

Date: Fri Mar 18 10:48:27 2005
Name: Dan
Email: dan_dirscherl@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 400 Custom

I'm looking for the part number for the clutch kit for a 1982 CBX 400 Custom. If anyone has access to a complete parts list, that would be even better.

Thenk you,

Date: Tue Mar 15 05:06:22 2005
Name: lisa brown
Email: lisa.babe10@virgin.net
Type: CBX 550F
am having probs getting a spark replaced the cdi no change. but when i turn on the ign key i get 1 spark and thats it would love to get my baby back on thr road lisax

Date: Thu Mar  3 19:00:24 2005
Name: Tom
Email: tomunia@o2.pl
Type: CBX 550F
I need a few photos of the 550F's seat. I was going to buy a new seat but in Poland is very hard to buy anything to CBX. If anyone can help I'll be very grateful.

Date: Sat Feb 12 09:37:28 2005
Name: Mike
Email: ocannabeer@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 550F
I have two 1983 CBX 550f's one a daily rider (when there is no snow of course) and one as a parts bike, I am located in Ontario, Canada if anyone is looking for parts.

Daniel, I have a starter as well as the brake calipers (front and rear) don't know what condition they're in but I can check and send photos.

Date: Thu Jan 27 15:53:17 2005
Name: H. Sadler
Email: neoworm0@yahoo.com
Hi, I have a copy of a CBX 400F/550F Factory Service Manual. It is in excellent condition. All pages present and readable. It includes an addendum for the FII models as well. Check out my auction on ebay or contact me directly for pics or info. Thanks.

Date: Wed Jan 26 01:53:22 2005
Name: Dan
Email: dan_dirscherl@yahoo.ca
Type: CBX 400 Custom

I am looking for a replacement seat for a 1982 CBX 400 Custom. Is there anyone out there with spare parts? I live in Canada...


Date: Sat Jan 22 00:54:19 2005
Name: mohamed awad
Email: metaky2010@yahoo.com
Type: CBX 550F
im mohamed mustafa from egypt i have motorcicle cbx550f
&i have prpblem in it &i need ur help i like to use ur production
id like to know how much it cost the motor plz & id like to know whwer the nearest pleace 4 me
thank u so much

Date: Sun Jan 16 01:07:55 2005
Name: daniel
Email: macdan38@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi folks ,im looking for a couple of parts to complete my puzzle ,i,m in need of a starter and a brake caliper for my mint cbx 550f .Or if any one can tell me if they will interchange with any other honda models that would be great help .Im near Toronto Canada. thanks ....daniel..great site!

Date: Sun Jan  9 17:03:37 2005
Name: michael
Email: michaelhedley2003@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
hi my name is michael hedley i have a cbx 550 its looks good for a old bike i allso rebuilding mine ,its runs well no probles as yet , i will let you all see when i have finisht it. p/s good web sight keep it up :)

Date: Thu Jan  6 16:59:04 2005
Name: Benoit
Email: carlmars@sympatico.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Hi again Aaron ,

for the seat go to :


I bought one last summer , they don't have the same pattern but they fit OK if you're not looking for a 100 points restauration . Cheap and very fast mailing service .I got mine in 7 days and I sent my payment by mail ! I was quoted over $200. for a genuine seat in Quebec last summer ( and $ 900. for a complete exhaust system ) , fuddle duddle Honda .


Date: Thu Jan  6 16:36:32 2005
Name: Benoit
Type: CBX 550F

Hi Aaron ,

Don't spend your time locating a decent exhaust system , they just don't exist anymore ,
rebuild it instead . I got mine done for ... $ 10. They all rust a the cone section ,
if you need it I can send you a cardboard pattern from witch you can cut a metal
one before getting it welded at any automobile body shop. Company that specialize
in sheet metalworking for building ( , heating and air cond. ) can also
cut and roll the cone for you . If you want to see the result I'll send you a pic .


Date: Tue Jan  4 18:25:28 2005
Name: Anders
Email: ahanevik@stavanger.kommune.no
Type: CBX 550F
Hi. I need a new left front fork for my bike and have found a CBX400F fork for sale at a dismantler here i Norway... Is this the same fork as an CBX550 fork or can't I use it..? Anyone who knows..?

Date: Thu Dec 16 08:01:26 2004
Name: basmaf
Email: basmaf@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
I have a Haynes manual for sale
Give me a shout if you want it


Date: Wed Dec 15 12:33:40 2004
Name: Stan
Type: CBX 550F
Check out ebay for manuals.

Date: Sun Dec 12 23:50:51 2004
Name: hergen van der starre
Email: hvanderstarre@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hoi riders,
I am looking for an owners manual for my (I believe 1984) Honda CBX 550 F. The Bick-end (or however you spell this) is out, so I would like to open up the engine and get her fixed, but a you can guess now I need a manual. If someone has one for sale please let me know.
Many thanks in advance,
Hergen van der Starre, Amsterdam, Holland

Date: Mon Nov 29 23:54:37 2004
Name: Aaron
Email: asudds@yahoo.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am looking for an original set of exhaust for the CBX550 and an original seat that is in good condition...

I would also like a set of side covers in White Red and Black if possible with clips intact.

Please email me if you can help.

Windsor Ontario

Date: Fri Nov 26 06:16:32 2004
Name: Basmaf
Email: Basmaf@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
HI Chaps.
Having now sold my CBX 550 F1, bo ho, I have a few spares for sale, so before they go on EBay, I thought I would give you lot the chance first.

1 x Honda Service manual CBX400F/CBX550F. A bit grubby, but very good. 1982

1 x Haynes manual No 940. As above

2 x microfiche 1983 CBX550FD. Feb 83. Shows all the part numbers. A godsend for places like Dave Silver

1 x Honda owners manual. CBX550F/FII 1982. VG condition

2 x front brake calipers, shrouds, discs, all hoses and handlebar master cylinder and lever working and in good condition. Just needs a clean

1 x rear brake caliper, discs, hose and master cylinder, pivot bolt Rubber piston seal. working and in good condition. Just needs a clean

1 x rear shock. no leaks, working and in good condition.
Just needs a clean

1 x clock binnicle. Outer casing damaged, but internals ok. show 37258 miles.

1 x Starter motor. It had new bushes, and it did work before I replaced it with a new one, and probably just needs an internal clean. (200 quid for a new one)

If you want somthing, or have a question, just email me with the subject CBX550.
I am not out to make a killing, but please be sensible, and remember postage can be a killer. I live in York, UK.


Date: Sun Nov 21 02:12:21 2004
Name: Paul
Email: paul.stevens38@btinternet.com
Parts for CBX550F2
X2 Head units
Complete front forks with yokes& brace
Seat (needs recovering)
Anyone make on offer Email me...

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