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Date: Tue Mar 30 10:31:07 2004
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
My money would be on the plugs or ignition circuit.
Mine tends to run on the rich side so can foul the plugs and give rise to similar symptoms
But carbs could also give rise to same problems.


Date: Tue Mar 30 03:41:24 2004
Name: Chris harwood
Email: c.harwood@blueyonder.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi, Just bought my first big bike, up from a Honda CG125. And yep, i'm here because its a 1982 CBX550 F2. It's in really good conditionand 32k on the clock. I haven't encountered the cam chain rattles I here is a problem yet but I do have another.
When starting the beast it only seems to be firing on two of three cylinders (I guessing from the noise). I have to open full throttle and wait for the revs to pick up. Also, when the revs get to 1500rpm its loses a cylinder and 9/10 times stalls. I have had to crank the idle up to 2000rpm.

The choke mech. is all ok mechically but I haven't had the engine apart, and to be honest dont really want too!

Any help greatly appreciated.


Date: Thu Mar 18 06:01:09 2004
Name: dave
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I've had my cbx for about 6years now, and I love it to bits.It's only let me down once, when the kill switch decided to play up!but apart from that it has taken me through all weathers and up to 126mph, Not bad for a 19 year old bike. The cam chain needs no intro ( yep, it rattles like snakes tail)And that's my next job, and hopefully before the summer starts i should have it done.She's like an old soldier,she'll never die.

Date: Tue Mar 16 05:22:09 2004
stan, look at:

Date: Tue Mar 16 01:53:48 2004
Name: Stan
Email: winchesternoguns@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am in the middle of an engine rebuild.
I need a source for CBX550 oversized piston rings.
The bores are scored and need to be oversized. (0.25 or 0.5)
Honda Canada can supply the pistons but not the rings to match.
Any help?
Stan in Canada

Date: Sat Mar 13 13:01:50 2004
Name: Dave
Email: sd1@telus.net
Type: CBX 550F
I live on Vancouver island, BC, Canada and have just recently aquired a cbx. so far...fun little bike. Does anyone know what the factory HP rating an torque ratings were? Also what the max bore on th cylinders? and hints tips or tricks to keeping these bikes in pristine condition is appreciated. Suppossed to be getting the haynes shop manual for it from the owner as well so when I get get it I can scan some pages if anyone needs info in english. Cheers.

Date: Tue Mar  2 04:42:35 2004
Name: joe
lol- worked a treat, harry! - thanks again- on another matter, does anybody in UK / Ireland have any parts they'd be willing to sell?- ignition switch, starter-drive cover, few little odds-and-ends.
thanks all-
lucy, have u tried all the obvious stuff, like cable adjustment at the bars and down by the actuating arm (right-hand rear of the engine)?

Date: Mon Mar  1 18:32:28 2004
Name: Harry Teicher
Email: harry_teicher@yahoo.com
Wow! Someone really tried one of my suggestions!!? Glad to help, Joe.

Date: Sun Feb 29 08:57:45 2004
Name: lucy
Type: Other CBX
84 model , clutch gone spongy....any ideas?
can ony get 1st gear easily...

Date: Sat Feb 28 22:55:37 2004
Name: joe
thanks harry-
was bored this morning (saturday) so went into the garage, pulled the clutch apart, washed everything in petrol, realised had no gasket for the casing, spent an entertaining hour making a gasket (much swearing and gnashing of teeth) put in Duckhams 15w-40 mineral oil and voila! - problem solved-

Date: Sat Feb 28 15:29:22 2004
Name: Harry
Email: harry_teicher@yahoo.com
Synth oil generally has more "slippery" addiives than mineral. Car oil even more than bike oil (which was developed with the fact that the clutch runs in the motor oil, unlike cars). Was a problem on 70s 500s and 550s, which definetely need mineral oil, but not on later models (early CBX could be borderline case, though). Check your clutch adjustment instead. If it really is a problem due to synth oil you need in principle to remove clutch and wipe each plate clean. An alternative could be to run "cleaning"oil first (ask your bike shop, apparently parrafin oil also works) for a few minutes. Then add mineral oil and find a long hill to coast down with the motor running, in gear, and with the clutch pulled in (sling oil off the plates) - I do this (without using cleaning oil) regularly when my CB500 starts slipping when the clutch is hot.

Date: Sat Feb 28 04:29:27 2004
Name: joe
Email: chef
Type: CBX 550F
has anybody experienced CLUTCH 'SLIP' because of using synthenic oil instead of mineral oil in a 550?-
seems to be happening to mine-

Date: Thu Feb 26 05:06:45 2004
Name: Harry
Email: harry_teicher@yahoo.com
URL: http://hjem.get2net.dk/bioscience/CBX/
Type: CBX 550F
Have original owners manual, spare parts catalogue (German), copy of Haynes manual, CD with Honda workshop manual plus printout of ditto manual etc etc.

Will trade all, including contents of webpage, for anything of relevance for CB500 four (parts, litt, tools, accesories....)or something else (try your luck!). I swapped my CBX for a CB500-4 and would be happy to see my literature collection go to a good home.

Date: Fri Feb 20 00:36:16 2004
Name: nicacio gomes
Email: nicaciogomes@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
caros amigos!
sou dono de 1 moto cbx 550F2 e tenho dificuldades em encomtrar pe軋s de reposi鈬o.a mota dos meus sonhos e n竢 a quero perder se poderem ajudar agradecia
- capas para combota
- esticador e corrente de distribui艫o completo
- segmentos
- junta de cupla

vivo em angola o que parece ser a unica moto.

Date: Wed Feb 18 20:37:17 2004
Name: harry hedley
Email: laverik1953225@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
i have a1983 cbx550f2 still running and still on the road in the uk very. nice little bke but not a lot about on the road will send photos when i get them down loaded .good web site will look in again soon

Date: Tue Feb 17 16:34:45 2004

Hi Stan ,

I just found this one for brand new CBX550 shocks at a reasonable ? price USD $ 141. ( in UK ). The pic is generic and does'nt represent the real shock .


Also , www.elkasuspension.com can rebuild or modify any kind of shock and they are near Montreal .

I have 2 old CBX shocks in my garage and I'm gona get the grinder and cut open one of them to get the spring . I'll try to match it with someting better and adjustable from my local motorcycle used parts supplier ( it's a big one with a lot of stuff ) , I will post the result .


Date: Tue Feb 17 08:32:20 2004
Name: Stan
Email: Winchesternoguns@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
I was planning to get a Fox shock from an 86 VFR modified with a lighter spring and dampening. However, my race budget has been consumed by the engine rebuild. So for this year it will again be the stock set-up. I am thinking that I will experiment with the oil weight to try to improve and adjust the dampening.
Penske, Works, Ohlins, and Koni also will custom make a shock but again it is hard to spend that money kind of money on an old bike.
Hagon shock from Britian makes one specific to the CBX for 255 pounds. ($645 CAD plus shipping and duties)

The Hindle was bought from the local shop quite a few years ago. I still think it should be available though the distributer.

Date: Tue Feb 17 08:15:20 2004
I currently use the stock shock for the rear with 45 to 50 psi air. It works but cannot get the set-up I want. This years budget is blown rebuilding the motor so I may just try different oils in the shock to adjust dampening.

I was budgeting to get a Fox shock. A 86 VFR shock will bolt in with a lighter spring and some revalving. Fox is asking $630.USD. On my last bike (Hawk GT) I liked the Fox.
Penske and Koni will also custom make a shock to suit but again the commitment is great. For the price you can buy another CBX.

Hagon is also an alternative and have one to fit the CBX. Available from http://www.britcycle.com/. I have not heard how they perform.

The Hindle pipe was bought a few years ago from my local shop. I believe it is still may be available through distributers.

Date: Mon Feb 16 05:49:32 2004
Name: Kevin
Type: CBX 550F
Some interesting cbx items on ebay.




Date: Sat Feb 14 15:31:39 2004
Name: Benoit
Email: Benoit_bertrand   at   cmq.qc.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Hi Stan ,

could you tell me what kind of rear shock you plan to use on your race 550 ? I do a lot of riding and I can't get a decent and comfortable set up with the standard shock , my cbx550 is not a great place to sit after 2 hours... Where did you get your Hindle pipe ?


Date: Sat Feb 14 06:58:26 2004
Name: Stan
Email: winchesternoguns@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
Mark, aftermarket Progresive Spring part 11-1100 for a CX650 turbo fit the CBX forks and give a much firmer springing without air. Combine this with a quality fork oil and the suspension works well.
The front brakes work great if they are well set-up. For really heavy braking like on a track, Ferodo Compound 4004f works great. The pads provide noticably stronger braking when hot. I also found that if the debris screens are removed it allows enough cooling air so fade from overheating is not a problem. Removing the screens however will allow debris into the brakes.
If you still need to change the front end, try to keep the geometery the same as stock otherwise you can encounter handling problems as it seems the CBX is sensitive.
I have not tried this but it looks like the front end from a CX650 will bolt right up and retain the 'vintage' look and stock geometery but using normal disk and presumably lighter unsprung weight.
Let me know if you do the conversion.

Date: Thu Feb 12 20:41:07 2004
Name: mark
Type: CBX 550F
Does any body know what suspension i can put on the front of a cbx 550

Date: Thu Feb 12 00:18:58 2004
Name: mark
Type: CBX 400 Custom
Hi ime mark, i have recantly bourght a cbx 550 so that ive got a decent bike for when i pass my test but the breaks and the suspension have completely had it. does any body know of any front forks that fit, off another modle cus i want to change the front brakes to normal disc brakes. i would be greatfull of any other info.

Date: Sun Feb  8 21:54:17 2004
Name: Philippe Steinmetz
Email: Phil459@caramail.com
Type: CBX 400F

Due to personnal need, I want to sell my CBX.

Living in France

It's a '84 model, 27000 km, all the motorbike is original, never fallen, never crashed, only the exhaust pipe has been replaced.

I won't sell it for parts, so I sell the bike only.

My sell: 2000 Euros (we can discuss about this)

Date: Sat Feb  7 00:35:00 2004
Name: forever motorbikes 
Email: foreverbikes@libero.it
URL: http://www.foreverbikes.com
Type: CBX 400F
Good afternoon.
We are forever motorbikes of Italy.
A company dedicated to purchase and sale of used bikes.
We search particular bikes and export used bikes
( japanise and Italian models ).
we have for sale:

(5) Honda CBX 400 F /FII - NC 07-
(1) honda CB 900 Boldor
(2) Honda cbx 550 - PC 04- And other classic bikes.

for mor information visit www.foreverbikes.com
e - mail: foreverbikes@libero.it
Phone 0039 335396626 0039 291080030 - Italy

Best regard. contact us !

Ivan Piccina.
forever motorbikes

Date: Tue Jan 27 05:50:31 2004
Name: harry teicher
Email: harry_teicher@yahoo.com
'allo Rob - your carbs need balancing, I almost guarantee it will stop the knocking and rattling. Unbalanced carbs cause pistons to work against each other, much of the rattling you hear is probably the clutch complaining. Thought my bottom end bearings where gone, until I balanced carbs....there are sites out there which explain how to make your own carb balancers cheap, but I picked up a cheap set of mercury balancers on the net and it was money well spent!

Date: Mon Jan 26 14:38:00 2004
Name: rob from australia
Type: CBX 550F
my engine knocks and ratles loudly at idle but vanishes as soon as reved does any one know the cause all help apreciated

Date: Mon Jan 26 04:43:21 2004
Name: CHEF
URL: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/CBX550/

Date: Sun Jan 25 08:59:11 2004
Name: steve
Email: chef1@iolfree.ie
Type: CBX 550F
Hi All-
would anybody have a seat-lock and petrol cap (plus keys) for sale? - also some other parts required- fair price and postage paid to Ireland-

Date: Fri Jan 23 16:40:26 2004
Name: Robert
Email: merridee@mullumonline.net
Type: CBX 550F
I am looking for a manual for my CBX550. I need technical information on changing a timing chain. Your help would be gratefully apreciated.

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