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Date: Sun Jun 29 19:19:21 2003
Name: Harry from Denmark!
Oh, and Jan, youll need a couple of good manuals etc to do the job - I saw theres someone below who has a set for sale/swap - postage to Denmark should be quite cheap!

Date: Sun Jun 29 16:18:52 2003
Name: Harry from Denmark!
Hej Jan - there is a good German website explaining the procedure with photos!


I also describe the procedure, which is easy, in a previous posting. I also have a spare gasket available if you send a stamped envelope to Harry Teicher, Drosselvej 3, 7680 Thybor Denmark

Date: Sat Jun 28 16:33:36 2003
Name: Jan Lorenzen
Type: CBX 400F

I have this problem, where I get engine oil into my starter. I have found out elsewhere on this website, that it is probably caused by a worn gasket(hope it's the right name for it).

Does anyone know what steps is required to fix this problem?
How much must be disaasembled and what parts do I need to purchase ?

Any help would be appreciated, as my experience with dissassembling motorcykles almost = 0.
I have to do it myselve, as I can't afford to get it fixed by a pro. (In relation to other recent articles here: I live in Denmark..... Very expensive)


Date: Sat Jun 28 09:26:13 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi Phil

I have just been sitting reading your post over and over and i just could not remember seeing this bracket, so i have just been to take a look! At ten to one in the morning!!.......
You dont say what part of the mudguard is rubbing against the tyre.
Anyhow, I just cant see how this could happen unless the following were at fault.

Wrong front tyre size? Should be a 3.60H18. thats three point six zero H eighteen, thats just in case of missing digits gremlin! If the tyre was the wrong size, it may be prone to rubbing against the guard or fork legs.

Has the bike still got the original fork brace? And come to that, is it still the standard mudguard? if the bike had lost the fork brace, could one fork leg be compressing a bit more than the other? This would give rise to the bend/twist in the centre bracket, but i would have thought the pull to one side under heavy breaking would have been the more worrying symptom of this.
If it was a non standard muduard, has someone used longer than standard bolts to secure it. You never know they may be rubbing against the tyre.

And have you checked the daft/simple things...
Tyre pressure low. Bracket broke. fixing bolts missing.

Anyone else have an idea?


Date: Fri Jun 27 23:11:34 2003
Name: Basmaf
Email: basmaf@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
I may have a speedo for you, if you still need one.


Date: Fri Jun 27 03:36:37 2003
Name: Phil Beech
Email: phil_beech@blueyonder.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi all,
Just bought a 1983 CBX550F2, 47,000 miles, in VGC for year: no camchain rattle either!! All seems ok, EXCEPT for when I brake hard, the front mudguard rubs on the tyre. If you watch the forks as you brake (NOT recommended) the mudguard centre bracket seems to bend, allowing the plastic guard to touch the tyre. Can't find anything obviously loose or missing: any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards


Date: Thu Jun 26 15:24:39 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Email: harry_teicher@yahoo.com
Have factory and Haines manual as copy, factory manual also on CD, have brochures, and diverse litterature, 2 new seat covers, used sprocket set.

Will swap for other literature, books, posters, tools, parts, scale models, gold or what-have-you of interest (no wives, thanks) for SOHC hondas (350 400 500 550 750 fours).

Date: Thu Jun 26 15:20:33 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Rob - no go on the buying in Germany bit, its the taxes here that are the highest in the world! Actually, Germans come to Denmark to buy cars and bikes as our prices sans tax are actually lower than in the rest of Europe!!!

Adrian - suggest buying bike speedo until you get the CBX ditto!

Hugh - have factory and Haines manual as copy, factory manual also on CD, have brochures, and diverse litterature. Will swap for other literature, books, posters, tools what-have-you of interest for SOHC hondas (350 400 500 550 750 fours)

Date: Thu Jun 26 09:02:57 2003
Name: Hugh Mullany
Type: CBX 400 Custom
Hi Rob

Thanks for the advice. I'll give the tin-can approach to solving the front-fork rattle a shot...and then I can start to work on that puddle of petrol that gathers around the bottom of the bike overnight. Ah, no-manual Japanese-import exploratory surgery heaven!

Thanks again,


Date: Thu Jun 26 06:08:19 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi Harry

so what about driving across the border to germany or wherever and buying there? no doubt that loophole has been sewn up.

....summer sleet! sounds like a good old british summer!


Date: Wed Jun 25 12:19:17 2003
Name: Adrian Scott-Day
Email: alscottday@optusnet.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
Desperately seeking a speedo.

My CBX 550f's speedo has decided that it couldn't continue and has commited suicide. Unfortunately replacements are incredibly hard to find in Brisbane Australia.

I anyone knows of or has a spare CBX550F speedo and is interested in selling it please contact me via email as soon as possible.

The bike is my primary means of transport so I need to get it back on the road as quickly as possible.
Thanks in advance,

Date: Wed Jun 25 03:46:37 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Ah, lets see Rob, your bottom-of-the-line GS500 Suzy would cost about 5500pounds (sorry, cant think of any Honda prices but the GS500 is the cheapest 500 class bike available in Denmark. Cars are not taxed quite as high as bikes, but our rule of thumb is that if you buy one car in Denmark you pay for three (and, no, I am not kidding here, a ten thousand pound car would cost thirty thousand pounds). Of course, bikes are a luxury item in Denmark, so we pay more....quite a consolation as I plug along in the scandinavian summer sleet on my trusty MZ from 1974!!!

Date: Sat Jun 21 07:13:12 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)

That cheap!! Another couple of hundred!!! I knew that the scandinavians had bad inflation, but..., or is it taxes, that are designed to keep you on public transport/pushbike!!

For that kind of money plus a bit more I could be starting to look at CBR1100 or even TWO cheap ZZR1100.

So out of curiosity how much would a modern bike like a CBR600 or Fireblade cost new and second hand? And are the prices just as high for cars?


Date: Sat Jun 21 01:32:15 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
TWO THOUSAND,ONE HUNDRED POUNDS.....geeez, that cheap,Rob, I understand your amazement, here in Denmark they cost a good couple of hundreds of pounds more.....but then they do have a higher mileage ;-)

Date: Fri Jun 20 08:37:45 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)

the curse of the missing digits strikes aga..........

Date: Fri Jun 20 08:34:28 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Anyone see the CBX in this weeks MCN (18/06) page 23 of Bike Mart. And i quote "Honda CBX550F D-reg. Immaculate.As new. 340 miles only.100" Yes two thousand! no ONO!!!

Anyone here? If not, i have a mind to phone the bloke up and ask him to let me know if it sells at that price. Cos if he does, I think we should all take the money and run!!

Martin. no probs with unleaded. Most of us use it. Leak in the air-filter side of the carbs? Just an idea. but i would concentrate on the carbs first.

Linton, get down the shop and get a copy of MCN. Take a look at the spares/breakers section in the back of bikemart.
Good place as any too start.


Date: Fri Jun 20 02:51:45 2003
Name: dave
this breaker had some cbx parts in the ther week.

Date: Thu Jun 19 04:40:59 2003
Name: Linton Heaviside
Email: lintonh@ic24.net
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I need front folks and rear shocker for my CBX to pass mot please help any info will help or your local scrap yards phone number, Many thanks.

Date: Wed Jun 18 19:25:27 2003
Name: Martin Jackson
Email: martin.jackson34@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I have just bought a 1987 CBX50F2. I have a simlple question, what type of fuel is this supposed to use. The previous owner had not had the bike long or used it much and was not sure, he has been using unleaded fuel which I'm not sure if it should be 4 star. This would also explain the engine hesitates between 2-3000rpm.

Any other ideas would be great



Date: Sat Jun 14 21:45:15 2003

Date: Sat Jun 14 06:26:18 2003
Name: L-Viz
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Sorry i can't understand.Maybe i have made a mistake in my post.Sorry.

Date: Fri Jun 13 07:49:41 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
errr.....nothing except the few pounds of plastic a couple of feet further up!!!!

Date: Wed Jun 11 21:40:24 2003
Name: L-Viz
Email: Fabiq@wp.pl
URL: http://motobracia.bpsystem.pl
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Anyone knows is there any difference between cbx550 crank shaft and cbx550f2 crank shaft?

Bartek Fabiszewski vel. "L-Viz"
Honda CBX 550 F2
Webmaster : www.MotoBracia.prv.pl
Polska (Poland)

Date: Sun Jun  8 23:33:57 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Felicitations Rob

The right adress is:


where a wiring diagram can be downloaded.


Date: Tue Jun  3 13:52:52 2003
Name: Stan
Email: winchesternoguns@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
There was some discussion quite a while ago about the #3 con rod being another weak point. Some theories was that the chamfer on that journal was not sufficient therefore starving the bearing.
I now have two CBX's with burnt cranks. Before I rebuild I would like to know if I need to modify the crank to prevent reoccurance.

Does anyone have any recollection or reasons.

Date: Tue Jun  3 04:24:49 2003
Name: Basmaf
Email: basmaf@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi all
Just bought a new set of clocks of this bloke for my CBX.
It was advertised as, in good condition, but I had to fix the tach drive, but he is now selling a starter motor.
I think he may be connected to a scrapyard, as it has a model label on it.
I have emailed him asking if it works, but no reply as yet.
I will keep you informed.
It is also the 2nd time around.


take care

Date: Mon Jun  2 12:26:31 2003
Name: Oliver
Email: onr@themadprofessor.demon.co.uk
URL: http://www.visordown.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hea again people , thx for the advice ,

the F2 up on ebay at the momeny (just finished) was mine . reserve was at 600 but people just lost intrest so its still mine

so any one here intrseted in a Almost mint F2 in red white and blue??? any serious offer considered cos im desprate for the cash. in the uk, peterborough
link to the ebay auction just for the details and pics.

email me if u are , or post up here

ih and ive got a official honda workshop maunal here also , 20 quid + p&p (bout 2 quid) if ne one wants it , covers both the CBX400 and 550

Cheers Oliver

Date: Mon Jun  2 10:40:21 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi Joe

Check Harrys page.


did i get it right Harry?

some electrics stuff on.



Date: Sat May 31 13:49:15 2003
Name: Joseph el loco
Email: slicklittleone@yahoo.com
Type: CBX 550F
I have a little problem and I'm looking for the manuals for the electrical of the bike I have look every where and I can't find them somebody please help. The bike is a Honda 1982 CBX 550 F.

Date: Wed May 28 07:34:13 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi barry

If you mean side-panel, my guess is that some other cbx owner has taken it, those blokes will have anything thats not bolted down.

being a bit more sensible, how about david silver spares.
www.davidsilverspares.co.uk. Go to the genuine spares link and click the model no.
they list both left and right side panels, assuming thats what you need!!

Oliver, just a quick note to say that their is an F2 on e-bay at the moment, its up to a ton eighty five so far. keep an eye on it. my money says it will go for about six hundred ish.

hi Hugh, i left a post about a similar problem a while ago. i think i have solved my problem, so i hope this may solve yours. On braking or on piss poor country roads, the front end made a clanking noise. To a lesser degree the problem could be replicated when stationary, by holding the front brake and compressing the front end.
i traced it to the right hand caliper locating bolt. dont know if the hole in the brake plate had expanded/worn over the years. but i stuck some thin strips of tin can in the hole then re-fitted the caliper locating bolt. Hay presto problem solved.


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