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Date: Sat Mar 29 13:06:18 2003
Name: Stan
Email: winchesternoguns@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am in need of a carb rebuild kit and Honda wants way to much for one. $47 CAD/each for a couple of o-rings and a float bowl gasket. Aftermarket kits are quite a bit less but unfortunately does not list the CBX. Does anyone know of an aftermarket kit or other Honda models that use the same carb set to cross to available aftermarket kits?

Also April 22 is the start of another race season here and I will be flogging the CBX for another season. I did considerable well last season. This year I would like to get a proper rear shock to improve the handling. Suggestions on this would also be appreciated.

Date: Sat Mar 29 11:24:21 2003
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi Gary.

Sorry to hear it has come to this. as usual the gremlins got into things, so you will have to spell out the asking price for both bikes.

But why not stick them at the back of the shed/garage and get round to them later? I Know you need the wedge for the car, but no chance you can hang on to them?


Date: Thu Mar 27 02:49:09 2003
Name: gary lovatt
Email: grybertie@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
Well its time for sad tidings my fellow cbx`ers.I`m afraid the time has come to give up on dream of rebuilding the old girl I.E. i`m skint me mondeo has snapped its cam belt and taken the head with it so with a heavy heart.....
Honda cbx 550f for sale no tax or mot but loads of new parts heavy duty chain an sprockets,new pads front and rear new tyres avon road runners only 500 miles on em also a 2nd bike fully complete but in the strip down stage this was to be the rebuilt bike its frame has been powdercoated new shock absorber fitted not honda`s air sprung type but a proper shock wiring loom completely rebuilt by a proper bike electrican all it needs is someone with the will and time to rebuild her and you will have a cracking bike.
The price is 00 ono to contact me either e-mail me or ring 01902 684227 (wolverhampton) by the way if anyone is interested in this bike you will need a transit sized van to take both bikes away and the spares as neither is roadworthy..

Date: Wed Mar 26 06:44:35 2003
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Thanks dave and rob
I'll look into both of these possibilities,i'm planning on building another cbx this year and i want to improve the handling and braking,and also make it easier for maintenance.

Date: Wed Mar 26 04:19:58 2003
Name: dave
you'll be lucky if you find another bikes forks and wheel that fit into the cbx triple clamps, however provided you have the capability to shorten/lengthen the the central bearing shaft just look through a spares catalogue of taper head bearings for a bike that shares the same head bearings, you'll find that a lot of models share the cbx bearings. I myself am plannig to graft a cbx front end onto my cb 360 this year.
good luck dave

Date: Tue Mar 25 16:54:18 2003
Name: Robert Jerome
Email: rjerome@telusplanet.net
In regards to changing the front end a freind has indicated to me that Honda Hurricane 600 front end can be used. I have no idea as to weather it will or not but he has done a fair amount of investigation into it. I must add that he has not done it to his bike. Food for thought.


Date: Tue Mar 25 08:30:03 2003
Name: Ian Smith
Email: iansmith@bigfoot.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Maybe it's your speedo.
It was on mine.
Does anybody know if its possible to change front wheel and forks to that from another model of bike.

Date: Tue Mar 25 08:24:34 2003

Date: Sun Mar 23 09:17:35 2003
Name: Rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
sounds like a clutch/gearbox problem.
but have you also checked the chain/wheels/brakes.


Date: Sat Mar 22 21:30:12 2003
Name: Ralph
Email: ralph.holmes@lineone.net
Type: CBX 400F
Name: Ralph
E-Mail: ralph.holmes@lineone.net
Subject: CBX400 FII whirring/rattle noise
Body of Message:
I have a 1983 imported Honda CBX400 FII having done 53k kilometers.
the problem at the is a whiring/rattle noise past 2000 rpm. below 2000 rpm no noise,starts fine, only used in in-frequently in good weather,
tick over fine revs ok, rides perfectly,
except this noise, can only describe its as a sort of "rotary" like something is spinning.
Importantly this noise is only whilst the bike is moving,
reving it hard at a stand still, these is no whiring/rattle noise.
hope someone can help,
any advice greatly appreciated
Added on Date: 03/22/03

Date: Mon Mar 17 12:52:54 2003
Name: Adrian Scott-Day
Email: alscottday@optusnet.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
Well the starter motor wasn't as bad as first thought.
The battery was shagged so it has beeen replaced with a new
Yuasa battery.
Also took the starter motor apart and just gave it a general clean up. The old grease around the little gear cogs was like glue.
Put the whole thing back together. Hooked it up. Hit the starter. And after freshening up the fuel with some new premium unleaded she turned over.
Didn't run her for long as it still has the old oil in at the moment and it's up on the center stand and two jacks as both wheels are out so I can do the brake caliper seals, replace the brake pads, replace the fork seals, and polish the wheels.
On the jacks I can't drain the oil as there's no room for a container to catch it.
I now plan to have her registered and back on the road within the next 2 weeks.
Harry, sorry I don't happen to have any spare 82 EA Falcons on me at the momnent. Also I tried all this before I got a chance to read your response to my posting so you're out of luck on 2 counts. Thanks anyway.

Date: Fri Mar 14 23:59:20 2003
Name: Phillip Scholey
URL: http://www.councilofelrond.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
"For sale-- CBX 550 F2 , shakes rattle but rolls, small MOT ,tax september, loads of bits,
phone or txt:- 07940470650


Date: Fri Mar 14 18:47:45 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 550F
Whats a Ford Falcon??? Adrian will know it as the best car in the world, the CBX550 of stationcars!! Check out


Date: Fri Mar 14 18:43:28 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 550F
According to my limited experience, if the solenoid clicks then it is probably ok. Check the battery has enough power (try to spin the motor with the kill switch engaged - without the current drain from the ignition the starter might turn even though the battery is low) - or - jumpstart using the car battery.

The next step is the starter motor. Pull it off and check that there is not a short from the stub where the live wire is attached , to the starter housing (due to dirt accumulating around the connection, which needs to be isolated from the housing - this is done through the use of fiber washers which may be oiled up and need replacing) Open the starter and check that it is not full of oil (replace the oil seal if neccesary, I think it was 20x35x5mm)Check the brushes are ok and that there are no shorts. Check that the commutator (? the "barrel" on which the brushes rub) segments are the same coppery colour, and check that there is no resistance between them. Carefully clean the "cracks" between the segments. clean and connect everything in the starter motor and close it, and try to spin it using a 12V battery charger. If no luck, take it to your local auto electrician for testing. If your brushes etc are knackered, her should be able to solder a new set of brushes in, which may need a bit of filing to fit.

If this works, please send me a Ford Falcon EA wagon from 1982 as a reward ;-)(oh!, the memories!!!)

Date: Fri Mar 14 12:34:03 2003
Name: Adrian Scott-Day
Email: alscottday@optusnet.com.au
Type: CBX 550F
Well it looks as if the CBX550F starter motor problem has raised it ugly head again.
I'm in the process of getting mine back on the road. My brother had it sitting under a tarp for 4 years due to what he thought was a kill switch problem.
So I have replaced the kill switch, but every time I hit the starter I just get a clicking sound from the starter motor solenoid.
I've been advised by a bike wrecker, that if I bridges the terminals on the solenoid while hitting the starter, it should turn the starter motor if it(the starter motor) is ok. This would then indicte that it's the Solenoid that has the problem.
If it doesn't turn over then it would be the starter motor at fault.
Does this sound right?
I must admit my lack of knowledge when it comes to electrics.
Also does anyone know where I could either, find a second hand or reconditioned starter motor or alternatively have one rebuilt? I'm based in Brisbane, Australia.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Great site by the way.

Date: Thu Mar 13 18:04:05 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Of course, that should read "more pros"!

...and no, picking up consumables all over the place is _not_ the same as picking them up off the road after riding a 60s British twin!

Date: Thu Mar 13 03:02:42 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 550F
6) Reliable - apart from the usual cam.chain tensioner problems - frequent oil changes and no short-distance pottering about mean the motor could conceivably last 100-150 thou km. With most remaining motors now having about 60 thou km under their belt, one could deduce that the "good ones" are left, and there is a lot of cheap motoring left in them. Of course, this means riding for fun - long weekend trips and the like - commuting 6km to work on a CBX550, every day, all year, will probably soon have it expiring!
7) Intelligent riding position - will let you ride comfortably for hours, and still let you tuck down in a jiffy for a high-speed spurt - leaves you looking (and feeling) good at all speeds.
8) "Grin" factor - well, really a combination of all of the above - riding a nippy, gutsy roaring classic Honda four on a dry, bendy back road with your mates on a Saturday afternoon in May - and not worrying about the fact that you are wearing out consumables because you can pick them up all over the place - and there you have what motorcycling is all about.

Date: Thu Mar 13 03:01:43 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 550F
Good points, Rob and Rob(ert)!

More cons:

1) Low weight / height = excellent "chuckability"
2) Emerging classic status (as the Honda 4 which closed the legendary air-cooled middle weight four period and opened the sporty 16-valve four era) - just see how many webpages there are out there, with more coming all the time..... Apparently the Japanese are falling all over themselves to pick up original examples in Europe.....
3) Lots of parts still available - just see how many articles are traded on Ebay!Lots of new parts available on the net. A troll of the breakers online reveal a brace of CBX550s available over the most of Europe - 20 years on!!
4) Classic, purposeful good looks in the best Honda tradition - none of this dodgy "replica" stuff. One of the last of a long, distinguished line of "real" motorcycles.....hey, theres a reason why manufacturers are going for the naked "retro" look! Granted, modern machines are technological marvels, streamlined and sleek - but it appears motorcyclists want something with a few more vibrations and idiosyncrasies, and something which can be adjusted by the roadside or repaired at that little village bike shop off the beaten part on that tour of northern Italy....
5) Bodgeability - the CBX550 can be worked on by your average home mechanic, and is probably less complex than your modern stroker with water-cooled top end, reed valves etc

Date: Thu Mar 13 02:04:22 2003
Name: Robert Jerome
Hi Rob good name

I mentioned this not to make a case of not owning one but rather preparing anyone for what they need to prepared for. I love my X's all 5 of them (1 CBX250, 2 CBX550F and 2 of the big boy's. I my main interest restoration of my babies all 17 of them 4 Norton featherbeds (nothing handles like them I defy any one to take an inside corner away or an S turn at the local track), 2 Cagiva factory race bike , Yamaha turbo (no bike really needs a turbo) and twin jets, plus more.

As for your question about riding the new stuff yes everyday transport when the snow is gone is a RC 51 and ACE cruser every thing is relative. They have their place but they have no character,no uniqueness not like the CBXs no matter which size you have. You go to a rally all the other bike blend in together. You got to a rally with your CBX it stands out as being classic, looks good, and performs well for the most part.

As for making a case of not obtaining one Iam sorry if you were left with that impression. Thats not the case.

norton handling? ever ridden italian middle weight bike? By the way, all uk spec bikes DO have a fork brace.

as for the pipes I am currently using Marshall 4 into 2 no problems except for the cost of the pipes here in Canada. I looked into and found that any of the other pipes were either not of the classic style or cost perhibative. I have to say that I do not look the likes of the 4 into 1 pipes that are currently available.

remember that its a twenty year old bike. it will never be a cbr600. ride it down a country lane or fast main road and you will enjoy it.

Date: Wed Mar 12 11:44:07 2003
Name: Rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hi Robert.

Looks like you made a good case for NOT owning a cbx!
You made it seven pros and nine cons!

Now hold your breath for my response.....

tons of power!! ever ridden a modern middle weight bike?
norton handling? ever ridden italian middle weight bike? By the way, all uk spec bikes DO have a fork brace.

you also mentioned the problem with pipes. have a look around, I have used motad Neta's on both my cbx's with no need to re-jet or remove the centre stand.

remember that its a twenty year old bike. it will never be a cbr600. ride it down a country lane or fast main road and you will enjoy it.


P.S. Please take a moment to think about the loss of Barry Sheen this week. remember the Trans-atlantic trophy races, and those mid seventies GP races....am i just getting older or are my specs a bit more rose tinted? like the Stranglers said...no more heros any more.

Date: Wed Mar 12 03:24:22 2003
Name: Robert Jerome
Why I bought two of these bikes
CBX550F is actually 572.5 cc.
Lots of used parts laying around
Looks sharp (especially with the F2 fairing).
Tons of power.
Handles in the corners like a British Norton featherbed.
comfortable to ride distances.
good rear suspension.

Hondas worst design in disk brakes front and rear (totally inclosed)
Engine developes noise cam chain due to poor design of cam chain tensioner.
Engine has oiling problem to No.1 cyclinder intake cam lobes.
Weak crank due to oiling problems to No. 2 cyclinder rod journal
Side covers locking nubbins break off easily.
Front suspension is only 35mm forks should have 39mm.
Front forks should have fork brace to stiffen front end.
Due to the lack of 4 into2 pipes the engine needs to be rejetted when replacing pipes with 4 into 1.
When going to a 4to1 pipe you have to throw away the center stand.

Date: Wed Mar  5 10:37:05 2003
Name: Kevin

Harry - thanks for this. It's a lovely job :))

Date: Sat Feb 22 15:21:08 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Type: CBX 550F

Hear ye! It appears that the German CBX550 site is publishing a CD with the workshop manual on!!! See http://www.cbx550f.de/ and check under "forum". Cost about 10 euro + shipping

Date: Tue Mar  4 15:02:00 2003
Name: Joel
Type: CBX 400F
Cheers harry, but no luck! I checked the plugs on CBR1000 and they were big and blue. So in a fustrated and fed up mood i took to last resorts. I had read a previous post that had mentioned melting the solder joins on the spark unit. I didnt think that it would anything, but what was i to lose? SSo i did and now it works!!! I dont know where i went wrong, i had previously temporarily replaced the spark unit with what i was told to be a 'working unit' (it was borrowed from a wrecker).
Thanks for the help, and if it wasnt for this site my cbx would be in the scrap heap!

Date: Mon Mar  3 17:47:58 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
URL: http://hjem.get2net.dk/bioscience/CBX/
Type: CBX 550F

Probably your plugs are giving you ignition problems - see my earlier postings around December, when I changed to winter plugs and solved my own cold weather ignition problems almost miraculously...CBXs seem very plug-sensitive, muddle with her plugs and she will muddle with you!


Date: Mon Mar  3 11:58:09 2003
Name: Joel
Type: CBX 400F
Hi, im just wondering if anyone can help me solve my little problem. my (85ish) 400f doesnt give me any consistent spark, one day it sparks fine the next nothing at all. coils, plugs, and elec box firing thingy all seemingly fine im guessing maybe a broken connection somewhere but at the same time feel its not (know what i mean?). Does anyone have any ideas??
oh yeh, does anyone know what plugs i should be using (ive muddled the new ones up with random old ones).

thanks, Joel.

Date: Mon Mar  3 05:13:05 2003
Name: Basmaf
Type: CBX 550F
Pity about Demi Moore,
I was going to ask for a loan of her when you had finished..


Date: Sun Mar  2 08:31:44 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Thanks Basmaf - but the Demi Moore stuff was just my imagination ;-)


Date: Sun Mar  2 02:16:08 2003
Email: Basmaf
Type: CBX 550F
Nice one Harry
Well Done.

Date: Sat Mar  1 09:20:30 2003
Name: Harry
Type: CBX 550F
BANZAI!!! Greased the reduction gear, fitted the new seal (shaft in the freezer, casing on the radiator for an hour and she just slipped in ..... did anyone mention Demi Moore?)and brushes, bolted everything together and did a test run using the 12V battery charger, and the starter spun like a sewing machine. Fitted her to the CBX, took a deep breath and pressed the take-off button - whirrr VROOOOM LIFT OFF!!! Flipped the kill switch to irate shouts from better half and in again for a beer! Difficult to drink a stubbie with an ear-to-ear grin but then you cant have it all!! Bottom line: renovated starter, price about 12 quid......."My," said Toad "I am a clever fellow!"

Date: Sat Mar  1 05:48:20 2003
Name: Harry Teicher
Type: CBX 550F

Thanks for your quick reply. I chose to mend the crack with a good dose of araldite, it is setting on the radiator as I write. I expect to fit the starter tomorrow. I also expect her to fire first time. I also expect to win the lotto. I also expect Demi Moore to....well, keep your fingers crossed anyway!


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