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Date: Fri Jun 21 07:19:46 2002
Name: john
Email: john@smithtweedy.fsnet.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F
worked all day on brakes
finaly got them working mite need bleeding somemore
taking it to garage that failed it to see if brakes will pass if they do then i will get a head stearing bearing for it if it fails again its up for sale for 50 plus a second bike in bits

Date: Thu Jun 20 20:03:17 2002
Name: john
Email: john@smithtweedy.fsnet.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F
got my hands on a master cylinder the complete unit for the back brakes from bike breakers in york going to try and do a good one from both hope it works this time
when i pump my rear brake the brakes do work but they arnt releasing so the back brake doesnt spin freely it does turn getting a bit fed up with it now but i will keep trying

Date: Thu Jun 20 07:08:12 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
John,you mentioned that you cleaned out the cylinders and fitted new seals, but which ones? do you mean the master cylinders and pistons/seals or the caliper pistons and seals?
My bet is that if you take a look at the calipers/pistons/seals....thats where the problem lies.
Have you fitted new pads recently? i have found thay some pattern part pads are somtimes a tight fit, so check that they are free to move.they also seem to need a few miles to bed in somtimes.
but whatever you do dont scrap it.....
lets keep as many as we can going.
and dont hesitate to ask more questions on here if you need help. we all have to help each other out.

Date: Thu Jun 20 06:01:19 2002
Name: gary lovatt
Email: grybertie@aol.com
Type: CBX 550F
John you might wanna try cleaning the discs up or fitting new steel braided brake lines.failing that try another MOT station as it sounds like you`ve got a right strict bugger there!!!
If mine can be issued with an MOT when part of the frame is missing at the steering head I.E. the lock stop exposing the bearings.best of luck anyway mate...

Date: Tue Jun 18 22:26:05 2002
Name: tweedy
Email: john@smithtweedy.fsnet.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F
bike failed MOT due to front and back brakes and head bearings
tried cleaning cylinders and put new seals on but breaks binding, still a failure cant get wheels to spin freely any ideas or should i scrap it its a Y reg

Date: Mon Jun 17 15:12:15 2002
Name: Stephen Dunshea
Email: ssdunshea@bigpond.com.au
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Well i'ts good to know that soon there will be two more CBX 550's on the road! One, my bike the F2C 7/1982 bought in immaculate condition. Two, my son's FC 3/1982,(naked bike) in not so good condition but has been the bike that has taught us the most about CBX's.It will have new allen head bolts all over it where as mine the bolts looked like it just came out of the factory. Getting spare parts are a laugh the guy behind the counter gives you a funny look and brings this old dust covered book blows off the dust and says "You sure its a Honda?" I've given up on going to "Honda" and am going through wrecking yards at least they do'nt seem to say Huh? as much.
Well keep up the good work.

Date: Wed Jun 12 06:37:54 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi jeremy/peter
my mistake! should have read the bike type properly...
...but if you get your hands on a copy of the M&P catalogue. they do list some full and bikini type things.
go to www.MandP.com and click on the link to get a copy.

Date: Wed Jun 12 05:52:51 2002
Name: jeremy
Email: jeremy@westparkgm.com
Type: CBX 550F
I have checked all of the photo's on this web site and there are lots of F2 style fairings, but no F's. So if anyone has one please email it to me.


Date: Mon Jun 10 10:09:56 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
oohh nooo...
just read the post i left for jeremy. sorry guys but i seem to have left some digits out.
you know how it is after a few driks....
yooo stat too missssssss thins owt.........
better luck next time.
im sure you know what i meant!

p.s. i,m drinking tonight as well....ha ha haaa...

Date: Mon Jun 10 09:59:07 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi peter,
see the message below from john

Date: Mon Jun 10 00:42:49 2002
Name: peter
Email: p.barras@btopenworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
please could anybody help me to find
a fairing for my red and white cbx 550f 1983

Date: Mon Jun 10 00:39:24 2002
Name: peter
Email: p.barras@btopenworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
please could anybody help me to find
a fairing for my red and white cbx 550f 1983

Date: Sat Jun  8 18:44:36 2002
Name: Simon
Email: hodgsonsuk@ntlworld.com
Type: CBX 550F
I am trying to improve the front end suspension of my CBX at the moment. Front forks are very soft and bottom out readily over potholes, speedhumps etc. Presumably the springs are a little tired. I have seen some comments re adding spacers to the front springs but am not too sure how to do this,or what to use as a suitable spacer. Any suggestions as to how to do this and or other thoughts re fork oil changes etc which might help would be much appreciated. The air assistance doesnt seem to hold pressure for very long, although the forks seals seem (very nearly) oil tight so without a major stripdown this doesnt seem to be the best approach.

Date: Fri Jun  7 02:38:58 2002
Name: john
Email: jcbarra@cardiffcity.net
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
parts for sale f2 550
fairing no brackets got screen red white, cylinder head, brand new seat cover in box, brand new head light for f2 in box, alternator, starter motor, 3 good carbs back light complete bike going with new mot anyone needing bits give me a shout

Date: Thu Jun  6 11:32:37 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
that last long post is from me!
forgot to put my name on it.
thats what sitting up till 3.30 in the morning (uk time), and drinking does to you.
ah well another world cup game in a few hours..........

Date: Thu Jun  6 11:26:18 2002
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi all.
jeremy i think that sounds ok on the price. what you should do now is get a quote for an original honda one to see how the price compares.you dont say if honda canada list it complete! did a quick calculation on the yahoo currency converter and that comes to 44.82 UKP. I also found a copy of the 2000-2001 M&P catalogue and they quote 05.00 for a complete system. this is a uk based parts/accessories company......but does anyone know if they are still going. somthing tells me that they went under.
As to how it compares to the original??? dont know..but i'll bet its cheaper!! and at least you get the cross-over look of the original one! that has to be worth somthing.
Bottom line. go buy one jeremy and let us all know what its like.....has to be better looking than the motad-neta i've got now....but does the job.
about your fairing/screen problem. have you had a look at some of the photos on this sites home page, should give you some idea what the original looked like.
next question.......
Hoggy, have you tried turning the idle adjustment knob/thing under the carbs.... this should get it to idle.
if it does, you should also get the carbs balanced as well.
next question.......
swen, hi. what speed do you notice the problem? I cant say that its normal....never used to happen on the original cbx i bought. i still think its a wheel balance problem, but has anyone noticed any play on the front brake caliper/inner plate assy. i found that if i jack the front wheel off the ground then rock the wheel backwards and forwards, there seems to be some play here. theres a large bolt on the right hand side fork leg to keep the caliper/inner plate assy in place.this shows signs of play, and the torsion bar down by the anti-dive seems to have some play as well.
i could be wrong, but i might investigate this a bit more.
and as

Date: Thu Jun  6 03:22:11 2002
Name: Swen
Type: CBX 550F
Hi Rob,
my CBX is doing the same thing with its front wheel, I was allways wondering wether the fork will break or not. For now I think it寄 normal...

Date: Wed Jun  5 23:25:05 2002
Name: Jeremy
Email: jeremy@westparkgm.com
Type: CBX 550F
Thanks Rob,

I found the site without problem. The price for the complete exhaust for the CBX550F is $357 U.S. through thier U.S. importer. Does anyone have had any good/bad experience with the laser-jama exhaust?

I am also looking for a picture of the fairing on the CBX550F, mine came with one but the windshield was missing so I made a new one and I am wondering how it compares to the original.

Date: Wed Jun  5 06:16:51 2002
can you help me please weve just re built our 550f2 all was well except the little vacuum hose from the petrol tank to the carbs needed replacing so we used some spare plastic hose witch is not a honda part ..... we fired up the bike it runs well till you release the throttle then it wont tick over at all it just stops but it will fire up with the choke on can you email me on


Date: Tue Jun  4 10:38:09 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi jeremy. do a search on the net for a company called jama.
you may find them under laser-jama. just been reading classic mechanics and the name cropped up in an artical they did about restoration. a quick search on yahoo and i found them, so sould'nt be to hard. they list an original for cbx400. if you have problems finding it let me know and i'll dig it out again.
dont know how much though, if you find out do us all a favour an let us know the cost.
by the way all uk readers, vjmc rally in kettering now shown as 5-7 july.
now my problem! i notice that the nearer to the ton i get, i seem to suffer from what seems like oscillation! on the front wheel. at high speed if i look down thru the fairing, it looks like the wheel is moving backwards and forwards, i think it might be wheel balance but can anyone confirm it.
come on get out there and wind that throttle up in the name of reasearch!!!
if your reading this in the USA, ignore this as you all ride like big girls blouses!! (please note that in the UK this is a term of respect to fellow riders-ie "you ride like a big girls blouse rob".
"gee thanks pal")
bye for now all.......

Date: Thu May 30 03:12:23 2002
Name: Guido Vittorio
Email: itrael@tiscalinet.it
Type: CBX 400F
Hi everybody,back in 1992 I saved a red,1982,kms 16000,
CBX 400 F from sure death, due to a strong increasing of
yearly tax for owning it was slowly walking to rust.
The motorcycle was(and still is)
complete and original in good conditions.Up to now I spent
some vacations over Italy(where I live) and France plus daily
moving, now after 20 years of life(and 50000 kilometres on its
shoulders)in Italy is considered a classic motorcycle.
I discovered this fantastic model for casual reasons:a friend of mine
after to have had a baby, felt the mom responsability and decided
to close her motorcycler career, so decided also to leave CBX
from the road and was forced to destroy it.CBX was in so good conditions
and I decided to share my motorcycle future,so I bought it for
few money and I sold my old Moto Guzzi V35(1978!!).
After 10 years no deep intervention on any part was required,
(distribution chain is still original an no strange noise comes from
that area).In 1995 I took with my girlfriend (and bags)a very
"Tour de force" in France for Kms 3600 in 12 days, over Alps too,
back at home we needed a complete rest week-end, but I'm sure CBX
was ready to start again from the beginning...
Very lovely moto...
Ciao, Guido

Date: Thu May 30 00:33:07 2002
Name: Kim Van Calsteren
Email: kim.van.calsteren@danfoss.be
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)

First of all I just would like to say that this site is hard to find.
Maybe you can advertise to the Honda clubs all over the world.

Exept the exhaust my CBX400FII is fully original.
The sound is pretty good.
I bought my bike a couple of months ago and I am very happy owner.
He had about 42.000km on the counter.
I payed about 380for this beauty.
Now I would like to make some adjustments:
Give a facelift and power up the motor to a 550cc.
If there is anyone who could give me some advice, please do so.

Keep on riding fellows!

Date: Tue May 28 23:37:51 2002
Name: Jeremy Loewen
Email: jeremy@westparkgm.com
Type: CBX 550F
I bought a 1983 Honda CBX550 F last year with 5000 km on it. I put 4000 km on last summer and now my left exhaust is rusted through. Honda Canada does not have carry the left hand exhaust any more, does anyone know where I can get a original Honda exhaust?

Date: Mon May 27 04:53:27 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
hi simon

the vjmc website (vjmc.com) shows the dates as...june 29-30/july 2-3!!!! make of that what you will.....my calender says the w/end is 29-30 so i guess thats it. As to a cbx being vintage....no not yet, but last year or the year before some guy did show a mint F2. its usually worth a visit if you live near to it.

Date: Thu May 23 05:31:59 2002
Name: Simon 
Email: hodgsonsuk@ntlworld.com
Hi Rob,

Got any more details on the vjmc rally. Kettering's only a short blast me and fun roads, so am interested to find out more. does a cbx count as vintage?

PS Re the thread on wheels, I have seen that VT500's share similar comstar wheels to the CBX, I wonder if these are the alternative size Dave mentions. my 83' model runs 2.15 18 rims front and rear. my current rear k181 is 120-18 (not the recommended size) and handles brilliantly- can scare my mate on a Hornet round the twisties. From the looks of it, I wouldnt try and fit anything wider than this though.


Date: Tue May 21 00:32:03 2002
Name: dave
Type: CBX 550F
I may go, depends on conflicts with family holidays, because of this havent been since '96 and that was on my cb 360 . Ade the editor did a story on it in the sept oct 96 issue of the club mag.

Date: Mon May 20 11:02:45 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
by the way.... any of you uk based riders going to the vjmc rally in kettering?

Date: Mon May 20 10:57:57 2002
Ahhhh.... Susan Stranks....I remember now......we seem to be getting away from the real subject.....bikes.....
..If any readers in Europe would like to purchase the susan stranks original exhaust system for the cbx550, please contact me or dave on this board.....we will be happy to take your money for this great system.

think this will work Dave........?
never mind theres always the john noakes seat cover offer!!

Date: Sun May 19 10:49:45 2002
Name: dave
Type: CBX 550F
Rob I was more of a magpie man myself!

Date: Sun May 19 10:06:00 2002
Name: rob
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
and there was me thinking i could knock somthing up with sticky back plastic and a few bits of rubber pipe! too much blue peter as a teenager!!!
p.s. the above WILL confuse any non-english readers! ha ha!


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