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Date: Wed Mar 20 21:17:39 2002
Name: Mike
Email: m-c-hardy@supanet.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
To anyone in the UK

I have a CBX 550 F2 that was running until four years agao when I moved house and left it with a friend. I collected it a little while ago intending to get it in running order. This is now not feasible due to time limitations, so I am selling it. It is in a tatty condition with some bits missing but I have two sound tanks and it has hardly used sprockets and chain (bought just before moving).

I live in Lincolnshire and am open to offers in respect of the bike.

Date: Thu Mar 14 10:50:24 2002
Name: rob
Email: rgrill_uk@yahoo.co.uk
hi john.
what sort of general nick is the bike in? have you had a test ride on it yet? does it sound noisey around tick-over?
try spinning the wheels while they're off the ground (put bike on main stand, get someone to push down on rear grab-rail to check front wheel) this will tell you if brake calipers are siezed.electrics all ok?
and last of all, how much in pouns sterling!!

Date: Wed Mar 13 02:39:54 2002
Name: John O'Donoghue
Email: John.O.Donoghue@eei.ericsson.se
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi folks

I am thinking if buying a Honda CBX 550 F2 this weekend. It is a 1983 bike. Are there any major things I should be looking out for.

John (Ireland)

Date: Tue Mar 12 11:20:19 2002
Name: rob
oh-oh.... too late now!!
I'll see how they go? It will only get used in the dry!!
big girls blouse that I am!!

Date: Sat Mar  9 08:56:51 2002
Name: dave
Email: dave.head@aventis.com
Type: CBX 550F
Good luck with the avon Rob, I fitted a pair to my other bike (cb 360 ) and they were the worst tyres I've ever used, you entered every bend never knowing if you'd come out the other side.they gave you no confidence at all.
ttfn Dave
(metzellers are brilliant)

Date: Fri Mar  8 10:17:25 2002
Name: rob
Email: rgrill_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Have you all gone to sleep!!!!
managed to find a 90/90 Avon AM20 front tyre from M&P.
just fitted it today will let you know how it goes.
anyone still reading this!!!!????

Date: Wed Feb 27 05:56:35 2002
Name: rob
Email: rgrill_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
just bought a 550f2(my second)after a couple of years away from riding(wife,kid.....car!!) Its been standing for a few months and front tyre starting to crack-up. Its a Continental 100/90. Rear is an Avon AM21 110/90. Cant find a mathcing front Avon. Anyone got any ideas/recommendations on what to replace it with. ideas about good matched pairs as well would be apreciated, and remember that this will apply to wet old enland.

NB. I still have the original F2 that i bought,in bits now, so am ok for parts. Cant get more lucky than that......!!

bye for now

Date: Sat Feb 23 00:36:59 2002
Name: chris
Email: c.n.rozee@ns.sympatico.ca
Type: CBX 550F
Hello. I have a 1983 CBX550F that I bought last summer. it only has 1406Km on it. Very low isn't it? I am trying to get it back on the road, but I am in need of a right handlebar kill switch box. The one that was on it was broke when the bike was dumped. The bike is in really good shape, but has a few small broken things that I am replacing.
If anyone has one and is in Canada (I figure the postal will be cheaper) I am at he included e-mail address

Date: Fri Feb 15 23:22:28 2002
Name: Bogo
Email: dnardin@libero.it
Type: CBX 550F
I could be interested in buying a second hand fairing for my 550CBX. I have bought it new in 1982 and it never had one.
- Would anybody know if it is still possible to find tires for this bike: respectively 3,60 H18-4PR and
4,10 H18-4PR
- And still: Until Dec. 2001 I tanked only leaded fuel. I was told that this bike was built for lead free fuel. Can anybody confirm that?


Date: Fri Feb 15 06:48:34 2002
Name: Johan Henrikson
Email: vehenjo@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
According to the Heynes manual the timing settings for the ignition cannot be adjusted on the CBX550F2. However there is a hole that can be used to check if the timing is adjusted properly. Through the ignition-check hole you can see two markings that should correspond to:

15BTDC @ 1550rpm ( retarded )
37BTDC @ 3000rpm ( advanced )

Any suggestions as to which marking corresponds to respective rpm?


Date: Tue Feb 12 18:26:29 2002
Name: bog
Email: yvan.bogucki@free.fr
Type: CBX 550F
I think your regulor is out os services. You should to mesure the tension and current (more difficult because the current-o-meter (!?) should to up to 17 A min !!!)
The tension should be mesure between the + of the battery and the ground of the frame.
The risk is that the battery could explode :)
A used regulator and a new battery shouldn't be too expenssive.
Look at http://digilander.iol.it/ierovante/cbx/

Why your engine is below 1100-1200 rpm (950??) ??
you should to increase your idle speed to 1200 rpm.
My cbx makes a "rattle" sound at idle speed. (cam chain, valves gap ')

Date: Tue Feb 12 06:47:12 2002
Name: shaun
URL: http://www.supanet.com
Type: Other CBX
cbx750 whats everybodys average fuel consumption?
i am only averaging about 30-35mph with a mixture of motorway and town riding or is this normal !!!!!!!

Date: Mon Feb 11 07:40:30 2002
Name: Johan Henrikson
Email: vehenjo@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
I seem to have some trouble with the ignition timing. Accoring to the Heynes manual this is not possible to adjust on the 550. However, there seems to be a "peep" hole in order to verify the ignition timing. Does anyone have the appropriate figures for this.


Date: Sat Feb  9 09:10:04 2002
Name: Mike Moore
Email: saleenmoore@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi I live in Ontario canada, I would like to sell my 1983 CBX 550F it has 16,700 kms on it was stored at Honda canada for 5 years. I haven't riden it for a year. Its White blue and red almost all orginal. good condition

If anyone out there is interested please feel free to email me saleenmoore@hotmail.com

Date: Sat Feb  9 05:27:14 2002
Name: Peter Brady
Email: marybrad@indigo.ie
Type: CBX 400F2 (Integra)
Hi liSTers,
I am new to this list and have a question for you guys out there.I have just bought a cheap second bike, a CBX 550 F for the
remainder of the winter (ireland). But it is not running too good. I think it is
overcharging (17 volts at 2,000 rpm). The battery had no acid left in it at all,
and wouldn't start, but when I re-filled it, it sprang back to life.
1) What will happen to the battery etc, if I keep driving like this?
2) If I added extra bulbs to the circuit to bring the voltage back down to 14 volts
would this be good enough, temporarily, to fix the problem?
3) I presume the regulator is not working, any advice on changing this, where is it
4) How can a regulator be tested? I was hoping to get one in a breakers.
Also when the rpm drops below 950 the engine sounds very rattly. 5) Is this common
in this type of bike?
Please reply to marybrad@indigo.ie
Thanks in advance,
Peter Brady
96 ST1100 white stoc 2277
1983 CBX 550f

Date: Wed Feb  6 12:00:15 2002
Name: daniel
Email: danster@mars.ark.com
Type: CBX 550F
hi fellow cbx enthousiests
i live on vancover island and last year i purchased a cbx550f for $200.00 It wasn't running. everything is ok now.#3 cyl is low on compresion compared to the others it still runs good and sounds awsome with a wolf pipe on it. i need new tires is there anything that stands out. am also interested in the engine I was told that the 550 is a cbx400 or a early cbr400 engine bored out is this true is there any other bikes with this engine? any info or other stuff on this bike would be apresiated

Date: Fri Feb  1 03:51:33 2002
Email: jcbarra@cardiffcity.net
bikini faring for f2 red and white no brackets good condition offers or swap any parts

Date: Tue Jan 22 06:19:45 2002
any owners of 550 f2 in caerphilly wales uk looking for spares and any tips thanks

Date: Sat Jan 12 12:35:17 2002
Name: Andrew Dansie
Email: andrewdansie@hotmail,com
Type: CBX 550F
Hi to all out there,
I have a problem. Several months ago I purchased a cbx 550F from a car dealer for a reasonable price. However on a recent road trip I blew up number two cylinder as it was running too lean. As a result a fair amount of alloy was sucked up into the head and has scored the cam shaft bearings. I think this may still be servicable but my engine is from a CBx400!! As I am in Adelaide, Australia I am finding it impossible to fimd 400cc parts as I dont think that bike was ever imported to Oz. So I would be keen to find out any information as to where I can obtain new parts or even a new engine in either the 400cc or 550cc, preferably from anyone in Australia

Date: Fri Jan 11 07:30:36 2002
Name: Roy
Email: royunoel@shaw.ca
Type: CBX 550F
I have heaps of 550 parts for sale.I bought it all from a local bike breaker who went out of business.The only plastic I have is a front fender.All the rest is mechanical stuff plus lots of wheels,engine covers and one partial bike.I have a complete list which I can send upon request,and pics.I also have some CBX1050 parts also.I live in the Vancouver area of BC Canada.Anyone interested in all the parts, I would sell for a very good price as I need the room.

Date: Fri Jan  4 06:28:24 2002
Email: jcbarra@cardiffcity.net
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
anybody braking f2 need a few bits for project

Date: Sat Dec 15 10:07:10 2001
Name: Dave
Email: dburrow@blueyonder.co.uk
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Hello, nice website. I have an F2 550 but engine is no good.
Has anyone fitted different engine in this frame? Honda, Suzuki, Kawa, Yam?
Thanks for help.


Date: Mon Dec 10 10:35:39 2001
Name: Corey 
Email: coreybain@hotmail.com
Type: CBX 550F
Mark Dunlop, i also had a whining noise coming from my speedo, I unscrewed it and sprayed in som wd-40 and it stopped, however my tach now does it but won't go away! good luck

Date: Sat Dec  8 18:58:59 2001
Name: Dennis
Email: dmoh@ozemail.com.au
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
Laser Exhaust Systems on sale!!!

If you are thinking of buying an exhaust system for your CBX look at the specials available at Formula 1 motorcycle exhausts in Australia. I picked up a Laser 4-1 system for $A500 ($US250). There are a few left.

Go to http://www.formula1mc.com.au/bargains.htm

Good luck and good riding


Date: Mon Dec  3 22:53:05 2001
Name: Singh
Email: roughseas@rediffmail.com
U can replace the spring tensioner without opening the head etc. Remove the cam cover, u'll come across a small bracket covering the cam chain on four allen bolts; remove this.

Next u'll have to lock the tensioner by pulling at it from the forward end with a spring puller and pushing down on the aft end with a screw driver.

Remove both cam sprockets and dislodge them from the camshaft, remember to mark the position on the cam and the sprockets.

Next remove the tensiioner which is bolted on no.14 bolts.
Follow the procedure in reverse to install the new one and remember to time the valves after that.

If u need more help u can contact me on the email add.
cheers and best of luck

Date: Mon Dec  3 01:02:00 2001
Name: john
Email: jcbarra@cardiffcity.net
Type: CBX 550F2 (Integra)
can the timing belt adjuster be changed with out stripping engine

Date: Fri Nov 30 20:40:44 2001
Name: Singh
Email: roughseas@rediffmail.com
Type: Other CBX
This is concerning the NC17 Honda you are enquiring about. If i remember right you had enquired earlier also. The NC17 model is the Honda CBR400FE/FF/F2 or F3 model. This engine is very similar to the CBX400F with the exception of the head. Honda at that time was experimenting with the VTEC(back in 1983~1985, thats when this bike was sold). Only 50,000 units of this bike were manufactured and sold only in Japan. This bike featured the REV mechanism (Revolution modulated valve control): Only 2 valves per cylinder operated under 8000 rpm. At around 8000 rpm a solenoid valve actuated and let oil into certain passages in the head which locked the other two rocker arms per cylinder in the head.
Enugh of history, parts for this bike are best sourced from old CBX400's. If you happen to end up in dire straits the best bet is to shove in a CBX400 or a 550 engine, it is a perfect fit.

Date: Fri Nov 30 00:10:02 2001
N-8 F-2 PL.NO 3

Date: Wed Nov 28 07:03:06 2001
Name: brian
Email: fitterwayne@hotmail.com
Type: Others
i have a 1988 cbr400r nc17 the bottom 2 halves of the fairing are missing on trying to get these parts no one has heard of a nc17 model ,Has anyone out there ever had one ,
thanks brian

Date: Wed Nov 28 07:03:03 2001
Name: brian
Email: fitterwayne@hotmail.com
Type: Others
i have a 1988 cbr400r nc17 the bottom 2 halves of the fairing are missing on trying to get these parts no one has heard of a nc17 model ,Has anyone out there ever had one ,
thanks brian

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