thought Id put a few words together about my bike ,
I haven't owned it very long so it's still a learning thing at the moment but so far so good I have not fell off it yet or killed the motor but the few problems I have had have been easily fixed.

first problem was the carburetor balance it was so far out of tune that it made the gear box and clutch knock, after the carbs were balanced it cured the knock and made the bike a lot smoother.

second problem was the rear brake, it worked fine but under 10/15 mph the caliper and pads rattled I striped the brake and checked the pads they looked new, cleaned and copper greased the shims and pads and put it back to gether but the problem was still there. after a few days and 200 miles later I striped it all down and decided to change to a softer brake pad to my suprise it cured the rattle !

the biggest problem I have is spare parts they are a bit rare where I live and when you do find them they can be very expensive. It has not put me off owning a CBX yet and later this year I think a major over haul and paint job is on the cards.... more to come as it happens..

photo will follow soon..

all the best.

Andrew Mattocks (andy.m@zetnet.co.uk)