We went around marshland. Though we had to take a plane to go back, we moved a lot. Actually we have seen half of the marshland.

From Akanko lake to Kushiro

On its way to Kushiro, there is a filed. There was also a sea of trees. Unfortunately we couldn't be lost in there.

The marshland of Kushiro

Extremely big. Nothing to say. It must be wonderful to spend four seasons looking its changes. I snapped the scene by my heart.

A promenade in marshland in Kushiro

We were lost in marshland and we were forced to walk through for more than an hour.
It was beautiful sunny day, with a forest full of white birch. The sunlight was so brilliant. During our stay in Hokkaido, we really enjoyed beautiful sunlight and pleasant wind. I'm so satisfied with all.
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I had met a lot of animals that day, so I collect the photos of them in the following page.