Furano is beautiful with its flowers and nature. We stayed there for 2 days and had great sunny and pleasant days. For almost half a day, we spent under the tree feeling winds blow in front of Flower park. Picnic with bread and juice. We just relax and do nothing. It became the best place for me.
(Photos I have taken in Furano are the most beautiful, though I haven't got time to put them here)

Flower garden

It called flower park something. There were a lot of what we call "nyoki nyoki" there. Wonderful!
[image] -- [image] -- [image]
In front of the park, there is a hill which became my best memory. It was uncultivated land with one tree. Next to it was all straw land.

The bear in jam garden

We bought tons of jam in the jam garden( as souvenir) Maybe more than 50? They were fine. Especially a jam with HASUKAP. (I don't know the English name.)
And there we found the message which was warning about the bear. Is this really happens here?

The second day

It was a bit early for lavender to bloom, though we believed guide book we had which said that there should be some already bloomed, all we found was GREEN. Anyway, I took photo.
We went to Cheese garden and enjoyed looking around. Furano city has its roads all straight. No signals. It is further more longer than a landing strip.

Strange thing

The most interesting thing was this "Ice cream with salmon raw". It's quite regrettable that I didn't have enough courage to try it.
Then we leave Furano for Akanko next day.