In Hokkaido I met many animals. Let's me introduce some which I luckily could have taken pictures.

[image] A horse in a pasture in Tokachi field

[image] A cow in a pasture in Tokachi field

[image] Ladybugs in Furano

[image] A buzzard near the lake in northern part of Kushiro

[image] In the same lake above, an eagle, I guess

[image] A deer in the mountain northern Kushiro

[image] Zoom of a deer

[image] This might be a bit more difficult to recognize, a deer in a distance in Kushiro

[image] Dragonflies in marshland in Kushiro, why so fat?

[image] A squirrel in Kushiro-marshland

[image] Zoom of the squirrel

[image] More about the squirrel

[image] And his hip

[image] A Tantyo-crane in Kushiro

[image] Zoom of the crane