The short story of my 400F, back to the road

So, there are a lot of story that I want to tell you. But as you can guess easy, my English is so limited then this story is also so limited. If I have a chance to take hours to translate my Japanese memo, you will see more.
It was early morning of 5th Aug. 2002. I started my 400F for short running with my friend. Yes, I have no courage to run alone because that was the first over 10Km running by my moto after the repairing had been finished. I am afraid that the moto would be stop in the mountain area, oh how terrible!

But there was no serious trouble while 150Km running. Thanks for good job, moto shop guys.

Of course that was the first running, I kept 3000 - 3800 rpm always. One minor problem was appeared. When the moto running on the ascent road over 10 minutes, the engine would be unstable gradually. I guess it is depending on the unsmoothly action of thre carbretor because the shop mecanic man had been disassembled the carb for full washing. I will check the float condition.

Anyway, I was so happy when I was running on my old moto. How wonderful.

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