Yamamoto's CBX400F

I have got a letter from Mr. Yamamoto as follows.

Hi, this is Yamamoto I am living in Shizuoka pref. of Japan.
So, thanks for your CBX website. I also have and enjoy '82 year's first model of 400 F. My 400 F was bought by my colleague as new then it had been resaled to another colleague. And the last, I bought it and keep running 17 years without any serious trouble. The meter was arround 3,000 Km and the status was nicely mint when I bought it. Probably without any traffic accident.

The price was only 150,000 Yen (1000 US$) because owner was the colleague of the same company.
In my young age, I tried to run through on winding road in high speed. I also went to long touring in Hokkaido (the north big island of Japan). In these years, It is hard to make a chance for long touring then the meter is still 33500Km or arround.
I had several motos another else but even now, only CBX is still in my garage.

It is 20 years over from the year of the first production of CBX, I am afraid the stock of parts of Honda. Please let me know if you have some info about stocks.

cbx01.jpg cbx02.jpg

Hideaki Yamamoto

From webmaster : So beautiful condition. The silencer is Yoshimura. Maybe in those days. I also want to ride my own 400 F2 so carefully.
29 July, 2002.

P.S. I have got one more photo that was taken from the front from yamamoto. Thanks. in March, 2003.

I have received the 2nd letter from him as a brief report when he maintained the rear link.

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