Jeff's CBX550F2

Hi Yutaka,
My name is Jeff and I live in the Netherlands. The cbx was my first bike (it's a 1982 model and i bought it in '91). I used it as my daily means of transportation (about 90 km's a day) and for the holidays. I drove this bike for 2 years (about 45.000 km's.), and it always worked perfectly. I still own it but don't use it much, a BMW took it's place. The cbx comes out of the shed on a nice summer's day only. The photo's are taken in 1992. I took the cbx for a holiday spin from the Netherlands to the south of France. Were there's a more agreeable climate for biking (pity I don't live there).
Bye, Jeff.

Roos en Jeff (

a01.jpg a04.jpg Lost and a rest.

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