Remon's CBX400 Custom

Here is a letter from Remon Santosa in Indonesia. He is the first guy from Indonesia and the second guy who has 400F Custom model.

First letter


My name is Remon and I'm from Indonesia. Two days ago I meet a guy that want to sell his Red CBX 400 Custom and I plan to buy his bike. And before I buy the bike, I'm looking a complete information about Honda CBX 400 and I'm glad I found your site. Thanks to you tomorrow I'll buy the bike, I have lots of information about Honda CBX 400 from your site and once again Thank you so much.
That's all for now and I'll send you the picture of my new Honda CBX 400 CUSTOM.



Second letter


Like what I'm promise you this are the picture of my Honda CBX 400 Custom....when I first saw it it was in a poor condition. But the parts and the engine are all original. So after that I take my new bike to my friend who can fixed it and make it runing again. After waiting for few days at last the bike is running again. And when I ride it, it was great :) And it's 1984 Honda CBX 400 custom, Ok I think that's all for now and I'll write to you again if I have a new news. I hope you don't minds.

cbx01.jpg cbx03.jpg

cbx02.jpg cbx04.jpg

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