Moriyasu's CBX550F2


I am 52 years old moto rider, so I was born in 1951.
I am also an owner of 1986 model of CBX 550F2, white and blue colored.
I just mean I own it, because the recent 10 years, I have few chance to ride on it. Instead of, I started to run by my own legs. Now the moto inspection of 550F2 was also expired.

And I have got CB 500T too, with side-car and after that, my old memories are comming back, so I want to ride on. I think if I don't touch CBX now, CBX should be dead. But now I am trying it back to the road and I will keep doing to be able to ride on.

I also feel the time has changed.... I know this model is not only popular in my country but also in foreign nations. And now so many owners gather on the Net. How nice it is, and how nice this website too!

I lived in Kyoto city 5 years in my schoolage. Until the third grade of the University, my main transportaion was motorcycle. Takao, Takagamine, Kochi-dani area where is the back of Jakoin-temple, Nakayama-touge and Nishiyama (Yoshimine-dera temple and Koumyouji-temple)... I remember many places where I had run through.
CL90 of Honda and T20 of Suzuki were my machine in those days.

My 550F2 has all troubles that was mentioned of this site.

  1. The rattling noise from cam chain. (probably it was improved by some adjustment when I bought it as new, but I am not sure.)
  2. Waggle and wobble of stearing (when I don't hold the stearing bar at running.)
  3. Oil leak of front folks. (I changed once by myself, the past.)
  4. The rust and sticking brakes. (A litttle bit hard to push for moving.)
  5. The contact failer of ignition key switch. (But I fixed up.)
That is all now.
The repair work of this time was not so hard job.
The last year, I removed the exhaust pipes to clean up inside, I clean the ignition key cylinder too, replace battery and some. But I have no plan about the test for automobile inspection.....
I will do it for this test for 500 T sidecar, first.
Anyway, here are photos of my 550F2.
  1. F2 at the front of my home.
  2. Fixed key switch. (I pondered on that I have to buy an expensive new one...)
  3. KRAUSER pannier cases. (It is so useful, detachable with single action.)
  4. Exhaust pipes that was removed to clean up. (Now it is so beautiful.)
I live in the north area of Tsuyama city, Okayama prefecture.
Please keep in touch for exchanging some info.

May. 2004

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