Michael's 400 Custom

Hello there,
I recently bought this cbx400 custom 1984 and am starting to do her up.
Clutch was frozen, carbies blocked up, mufflers have rust holes, cam chain noisey, no air filter and a few other minor bits and pieces are missing or need attention.
The light on the dash display have lost there writing and I can't find a manual for this bike, hoping somebody can identify what they are, so I have attached a photo.
Also it seems to be missing a covering from under the headlight maybe somebody could send me a picture of what it is meant to look like.
Are these a rare bike? My local honda shop can't find any parts manuals, so I am having problems getting some things sorted out.
Would love to hear from anybody who has one of these.

Safe Riding
Michael Rowntree
New Zealand

cbx1.jpg display.jpg headlight.jpg

Mar. 2006.

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