M.H's CBX400F

I got an email from M.H who is an owner of 400F since 1982.

Hi dear, I am M.H in Tokyo.

I bought a CBX 400 F, a model of white/red bi-colored in August of 1982. Owning a new moto of my own was a dream for years in my Univesity age. But after bought it, I had less chance to ride on it then keep it until now. The total mileage is only 16000Km.

I have no special care to keep it but the exterior is mint condition and the engine is very good. A guy of moto mentenance shop is also admired. Only mirrors are not original parts and exhaust system was changed to new one at the last year because it has a big whole. but all of other things are originals. I guess I can keep running at least 10 years.

Nowadays, I will run and go to the cafe at fine day. And just looking my moto with a cup of coffee.

In these years, my motorcycle hobby fever was comming again and I bought a V-MAX of Yamaha. I cannot decide that I have to place CBX into the house just for displaying, or continue running. Currently, I sometime ride on it for keep the condition.

When I see the website of Yasuda-san's, a mind to keep it welled up in my heart.

I am looking forward to meet you with CBX each other.

By now.

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