Mark's CBX550F2

Greetings Yasuda, and congratulations on a well-established, useful and entertaining web site.

I have just collected a CBX550 FII here in the UK which is in excellent condition having been owned by just two previous owners. The bike has a full service history, 19,000 miles on the clock and appears never to have been dropped or restored in any significant way. Quite a find for me because I have been looking out for one for a couple of years now.

I owned a nearly new model (exactly the same) in 1985 (product year is 1983) and have always considered it the most fun and relaxing motorcycle I have owned, if not the best in any one department. Riding it home today, it felt exactly as I remember it from seventeen years ago - a real treat to ride and you could argue even more suited to today's traffic conditions than when it first came out.

I attach a couple of snaps for you to add to your site if you wish.

Mark Croasdale

cbx1.jpg cbx2.jpg

cbx3.jpg cbx4.jpg

Mark Croasdale

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