Laurent's CBX550F2


Hereby also a picture of my Honda ,i bought it in october this year. It had a rear tyre which looked like a race slick...

After having replaced the tyre with a new one, the engine started to rattle. At first i thought it was a diesel engine of a car in front of me when standing at a crossing but it came from the Honda engine.

I found on the internet that it was the cam chain tensioner. I bought a new one for about 50 dollars and had it replaced. Since then it is spinning like new.

I also painted the CBX in a grey metallic colour, as the Honda CBX1100 Blackbird. When i bougth the bike it had a really nasty blue-ish colour which blinded me from ugliness ;-). So 2 days after having bought it, i started the paint job.

It now only has one layer of paint on it, but that is because it is winter over here. In the spring i will have it painted and finished with decals.

I like the bike so far very much and use it for home-office transportation.


Laurent Hanser


Laurent Hanser (


My brother repainted the bike and it is now silver metallic. It looks really great.

30 July, 2001 updated.

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