Jaco's 550 F

Hi Yutaka,

Here is my story:

I have my driving licence since 01-1996. Since than I had only rented a bike ones. I wanted a "normal" bike to look what is driving like!
Than after some orientation I "bumped into" the CBX550F. I liked it immediatly, the price as well.
So I wasn't looking for a CBX550F, but I just ran into one and liked it! It had 26500 km on its counter when I bought it (31-07-2000). Now (beginning of august 2000) it has about 27500 km, maybe more.
The Honda has been repainted into black. The original color is not yet known. I like the black color though. After that I have driven the bike I notice that the bike steers easy, the engine is fine. I think the frontsuspension is soft though (due to the missing airdemping?)

The problems I had so far are:
My Honda has got the "cam chain tensioner problem".
The engine likes oil (what is the best type for this engine?).
The engine doesn't like a warm start. I have to wait for a few minutes before I can start the engine again.
The couplingcable broke once. I replaced the cable (7 euro).

Here are my pictures




Greetings Jaco
Good luck with your site (beek@gudjohnsen.com)

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