Sandro's 550 F2

Sandro sold his CBX 400F to Japanese women in June of 2006. After while, he got a 550F2 with poor condition but now he finished the restoration.
Welcome back Sandro!
Here is his message and photos of his great work.

Hello Yasuda, I'm back to inform you that I found an old CBX 550 F2 that was in very poor conditions (see the photo "old.jpg" attached) .
I bought it and I fully restored it, using spare parts that I had or that I found on ebay (and a lot of my work ...).
Now you can see it in my web site, at the following address: or in the attached photo "new.jpg".
I remember to you my number in your list: # 39, so you can now to date it.

old.jpg old.jpg (original condition)
new.jpg new.jpg (current condition)

July, 2007

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