Peter's CBX400F

Hi there,

I am the proud owner of a CBX400F2.
I have bought the F2 in may 2002 from a boy named Ferenc who has the F2 for almost two years. In 2002 i replaced oil+filter, brakes, sparks, chains.
But now the bike is in the garage for polishing the aluminium parts and check up the anti-dive torque, and valves check up!
Then I will new mirror because I do see insects on my leather jacket and that is not save, the machine is making for the japanese market I think and I am a great and big european man far too big for this little honda!
But this Honda makes me very happy!!
When I drive at speed 120 km/h the rpm level stands on 8000!!!

It's a nice site to see more people who liked the Cbx400 and also his brother the 550!!

greetings Peter Huiskes

ps; I live in a little town named Biggekerke near the Sea in department Zeeland in The Netherlands

Peter Huiskes

Second letter from Peter

Dear Yasu,
I have replaced some bolts for rvs ones and polished them today and I have make photo's of my Honda but I must bring it to the photoshop I do not have a digital camera.
Do you have a digi camera? greetings Peter

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