Guido's CBX400F

Hello everybody reading, I'm Guido and already wrote in the past on these pages and finally I bought a digital camera so I can show you my 1982 CBX 400 F1. Few words as historical traces:
Back in 1993, a friend of mine, just became mum, decided to stop driving a motorcycle anymore and stopped her CBX 400 with strong risk of demolition as, in Italy, if you are just owner but not rider of a motorcycle (or car) you have to pay anyway circulation tax. So she talked to me about and, for few money, I sold my old Moto Guzzi V35 and I bought this CBX400. With just km 16000 (about 10000 miles) and just more than 10 years it was so young and ready for riding.
The only technical replacement I made, were the front forks O-rings (I used to change them more or less every 4 years).
Now, with 47000 kms (about 30000 miles), several vacations in France, Italy, Germany, it's ready for a short trip (10 days) in Corse, next September, as usual loaded with our baggages.
In my area after 20 years from matriculation, any vehicule, is considered historical and so it is (since 2002).

All over the years, nothing more than a standard maintanance has been required (distribution chain is still original!!) to keep in health my CBX.
As I checked (in 1993) the cost of Honda spares, I found a CBX 550 ready to be disassembled and I bought many parts I keep as a treasure in my garage.
During the last 10 years I hadn't seen not more than 2 CBX like mine. I live in the north of Italy (Pavia area) and I should be glad to get in touch with Italian owners of the same type. (please write at

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I would dedicate to all CBX owners a Neil Young song, "Long May You Run". He made to his old american car but suitable for our strong CBXs.

Ciao, Guido
Aug. 2004

Guido Vittorio

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