Ferenc's CBX400F2

Here is a story from Ferenc in Netherland. And photos of his moto are also included.

My bike, the amazing Honda CBX400F2 !!!

Not the most powerful monster in town, but great fun to use in traffic-jammed-Holland. My 1984-CBX is one of the rare, almost extinct, specimen that must drive around in this country.

On the September 15th 2001, I bought the bike from a very caring man who's had it in his possession for 9 years. He never took it for a drive if there was only a minute chance of rain, so it still has the showroom-look! The counter showed only 27.000 km and apart from the replaced exhaust system, the bike is still 100% original. The front tire has been replaced by a Bridgestone, against the advice I saw on the internet never to use that brand. I'm perfectly happy with the behavior.

November 22nd I had my front break cylinders revised and some overall maintenance done and it's perfect again. Forte2 was applied to clean the engine and the carburetors were cleaned as well. Almost every day I take this toy to work with a big grin. That compensates the fact that some modern cars are faster at the traffic lights.

I really would like to meet other CBX400 (F or no F) owners through mail or, when they live in the area, for a ride too of course!

So long!

cbx01.jpg cbx02.jpg
cbx03.jpg cbx04.jpg
cbx05.jpg cbx06.jpg

Ferenc van der Hulst (ferenc.van.der.Hulst@AMIS.NL)

(More photos and story may add on www.ferenc.f2s.com.)

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