Ivo in Kyoto JAPAN

6 December 1998, I met with Ivo from Chez in Kyoto.

It was the half day sight seeing of Kyoto but we all enjoyed much. Tour members are I, Ivo, my wife and Ms. Ema. Ema is my friend then I asked for translator guide. (The above photo shows Ivo, Ema, my wife and me from the leftside.)

We met Kyoto station before noon and went Daitoku-ji temple to eat a SHOJIN lunch that is vegetarian diet for a trainee monk. And we were working arround with the temple to see the garden and temple buildings. The above photo shot had been taken at Daitoku-ji temple.
two.jpg This shot is also Daitaoku-ji temple. Check Ivo's T shirts that marked with moto character.

Then we went to Sanju-Sangen-dou temple to see many statues. Yes it was very quiet sightseeing course but it was the result of the selection from my home town, SHOJIN lunch and statues... :-)
We walked arround GION classic town and buy souvenirs and eat dinner. But we are not so hungry therefore we try OKONOMIYAKI Japanese traditional pie food. Is it too excessively Japanize tour?

backpack.jpg Ivo with his backpacks. Looks so heavy.

It was so fine day. Thanks Ivo. See again.

allmiss.jpg This is mistake shot.

It was so nice challenge that we could try Japanese traditional tea (Kyoto people call it as O-U-SU but I don't know it is standard name or only Kyoto dialect).
But I want to show him more if we have time. Such as ZEN small garden, ENRYAKU-JI ZEN head temple, Kyoto local foods, Kyoto local confectionaries, NOH KIMONO (traditional dress for court dances), KAMO river, Japanese pictures, IKEBANA Japanese art of flower arrangements and more...
I think Ivo already looked something modern in Tokyo and Yokohama city in his stay. No more in Kyoto, I think. :-)

Ivo said that Prague (the capital city of Chez) is so small city then people can walk arround on one day. But people absolutely cannot see all about of Prague by one day. Kyoto is ancient city like Prague.
Yes I agree Ivo, one day is too short for Kyoto.


The place of IMAMIYA shrine and DAITOKUJI temple is my home town, north ward of Kyoto city. I played there in my childfood.
Both of them is very long and honorable history.

In IMAMIYA shirine, one family did OHARAI (a Shinto rite to exorcize evil spirits for child). I asked for them and Ivo took a photo because KIMONO little girl is so cute. A shop of rice cake where we just side droped is also has long history. I went to this shop to eat rice cake with my friend in my highshool age.

DAITOKUJI temple is not only a standard temple. It is the head of ZEN temple. It includes many branch offices. You can see so many trainee monks arround the temple. It is real ZEN temple then SHOJIN foods is also formal.

Sanju-Sangen-dou temple is famous of the event TOOSHI-YA. It is the ceremony of coming of 20 age. New adults let off an arrow to a target over 50 meter.
Of course, current Japanese people never touch a bow and arrow. An archery is one of traditional martial arts like a Jyudo. TOOSHI-YA is for new adults of archery trainees. :-)
In Sanju-Sangen-dou temple includes over 100 statues. No one has the same face and the same pose. Sanju-Sangen-dou is also one of the longest wooden building. The reason why I select Sanju-Sangen-dou for Ivo is above. Ivo never see these buildings and statues.

GION is a traditional amusement center. You can get tons of souvenirs and something. MIMAMI-ZA, a concert holl of a KABUKI play is here.

Ivo found a SHIKKI lacquered ware and he recognized it as plastic objects. He wondered when I explained this is Japanese sumac art work and it will be able to use for long time over 100 years.

In occasionally, GEISYA girls are walking arround GION area but we could not meet. It was disappointmented us. I think it was not in time and we didn't work on a back rane....

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