Claus's CBX 550 F

Here is a letter from Claus with photos of his machine, from Denmark.
At first, he asked about the avarage top speed of 550F. This is the answer of him after I said that ordinary 550F can reach to 180 Km/h or arround.
Hi Yutaka, and thanks!

I am a 28 year old danish boy from Odense in Denmark. I have just reasently bought at CBX550F from 1986, it has run 57.896 km.. You can see my bike on the picture below. The machine is bought at Mogens Pedersen, Motorbike Shop.

I think the CBX550F is at nice looking machine and I like the power from 0-100 km/h, but I m a bit disappointed about the max. speed. The fasted I have run is 125 km/h, because of bad weather but anyway I didn t get the impresion that it would go to 170 km/h easy. It s maybe because of the wind that I drove in yesterday?.

Yours Faithfully
Claus Willemar Kristensen

Med venlig hilsen.

Claus Willemar Kristensen
MÅL 2-assistent Fyns Amt
Kontoret for Regional Udvikling
Tlf. 65 56 11 63

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Claus Willemar Kristensen (

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A few days later, I got a next letter from Claus.

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