Charlie's CBX550F2

I'm a U.K. citizen working in NZ for a while. I bought the bike about a month ago to replace a Ford which was dying, as it seemed stupid to be in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and not have a bike. It cost me $1400NZ, which was pretty good compared to some of the other stuff I've looked at, and although it's done a fair few miles, it's tidy, well looked after and has never been crashed (very surprising for a 12 year old bike!). It needed a new back tyre, chain, rear brake pads, oil change and plugs. All very standard fare for an old bike. It doesn't rev too well yet, so I need to clean the carbs and fuel filter etc. as a priority. Apart from these things it runs very nicely, and handles very well - my morning trip into work is about 200% better! I hope to do a bit of touring on it, but need to sort out the rattly cam-chain first.

The photo is in my back garden, but I'm not in it - the people in the photo are friends called Rob and Ro.

Ride safe.
Charlie Smith


October 1999
Charlie Smith (

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